Shore Projects Watch and Roseland Roadtrip

This weekend my friend and I decided to go on a bit of a road trip over to the Roseland Peninsula. We didn’t know where exactly we were going but we were in search of a new and successful bass fishing location. With rods, lures and a trusty map packed, we set off.

We decided to take the short cut and go via the legendary King Harry Ferry, cutting out about 20 miles of faffing about through Truro. I love the ferry; I think it’s really cool and an awesome, exciting little detour through the Cornish countryside.

King Harry Ferry Map
When we arrived on the other side of the river we started to make our way through the windy, narrow roads towards St Anthony’s Head and its lighthouse that you can see from Falmouth. At the foot of the lighthouse we were greeted with stunning views of Falmouth and Pendennis Castle and its little sister castle at St Mawes.

St Antonys Head Pendennis Point St Mawes
After checking out the view we decided that the wind on this side of the point was much too much for good fishing; so we decided to follow the coast round towards Portscatho in search of this holy grail fishing mark. After a while of navigating a maze of lanes we arrived at a deserted beach, on the far side of the beach was a rocky outcrop that looked pretty darn “bassy”. “This must be it,” we thought.

After the first cast it was pretty obvious how shallow and weedy the water was, so I switched to a surface lure to try and get some results without loosing half my tackle box. The next 20 minutes returned no fish of any description so I switched over to my friends weedless slugos… 20 minutes later still no results.

Shore Projects Watch
On more positive notes I’ve just got a new Shore Projects Watch which I’m sporting in the photo above. It’s a really well designed, high quality watch that I think you’ll agree is pretty snazzy. It has a very clean face but with some beautifully thought out little details such as logo branding on the strap and hour markers which sit raised a little off the face.

What’s more is its got very smart interchangeable straps so you can switch between colours and styles in literally seconds. The pins in the straps are sprung so that you pull back a little mechanism to release. You then let them go again so that they safely click into place. It’s also waterproof to a much deeper depth than you’re ever going to go, this means it can make light work of a bit of rock pooling and crab grabbing.

Shore Projects Watch Waterproof
As the sun came down we switched to tiny 10 gram Savage Gear sandeel. Boarding on LRF these were perfect in the shallow water. I was really enjoying casting them out to perfect looking, little white water spots and retrieving them back in either a steady or a yoyo fashion. It was great fun especially with such gorgeous surroundings. However even more time came and went and still neither of us had any luck. There were a few heart stopping moments when a light snag felt like a take, but alas no bass.

Roseland Sunset Cornwall
Even a fishless haul could not dampen our spirits as we took in the last of the stunning scenery before making our way back home. Despite not being a particularly prevalent fishing mark this one is definitely one that we will be returning to. Its vista definitely makes up for the lack of catch and I’m pretty confident the bass are out there somewhere, waiting for another day…

Roseland Cornwall Sunset Fishing


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