The Flexible Neck, Utility Lighter From Zippo

I thought I’d write a quick little review of one of my new pieces of outdoor gear. It’s Zippo’s Flexible Neck, Utility Lighter, this long limbed beauty is the answer to many a tricky fire starting situation.

Zippo Utility Lighter
As the name suggests its main selling point is the almost 5 inch long bendy neck between the lighters body and the flame tip. This make the lighter so much more useful than a regular lighter. Difficult to light BBQ – sorted, tricky campfires – easy, awkward lanterns – simple. I’ve got this Coleman lantern which can be a bit of a pain sometimes, but using this flexible Zippo it’s an absolute piece of cake.

Utility Lighter Zippo
What is almost even better is that it runs on butane fuel, this means that unlike other Zippos the fuel wont evaporate between uses. You can leave this baby in a draw, or deep in a camping bag, for ages between fires and it will still be good to go when you need it next. The flame is also adjustable so you can preserve fuel with a small little lick of flame or give it beans with a good ol’ proper burst!

Zippo Flexible Utility Lighter
It’s designed to be wind-resistant too, this means it’s going to stand up to the job in all circumstances and situations. Much better than using inferior lighters or matches. That’s not even all the features the Zippo has up its sleeve, its also got a child safe button, which means that you’re safe to leave this around the house even if you have little children or especially intelligent and curious monkeys about.

This is a wicked little gadget that wont break the bank. I don’t think it will ever replace my normal, trusty Zippo as it’s just a bit too tall, but for those tricky little jobs Zippo’s Utility Lighter with its flexible neck is perfect!

Flexible Utility Lighter Zippo


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