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It’s been raining non stop this week and I’ve now declared that it’s officially winter. Some people might say that rain and cold is bad weather; This isn’t true though; there is no such thing as bad weather – just bad clothing.

To avoid bad clothing you need to invest in a decent pair of wellies and a good coat. Once you’ve got those, then who cares if it’s tipping it down. I’ve recently tackled my wet weather footwear by getting some Viking Wellington Boots from Gumleaf clothing. These are some amazing Wellies. They’re of such a super high quality and are the thing ‘welly dreams’ are made of.
Gumleaf boots
Gumleaf Springer Spaniel Portraitis a UK brand and the best thing to come out of Norfolk since Alan Partridge. All of their boots are handmade in Europe and are designed with comfort and practicality in mind as well as being built to last.

One of the things I like most about the Viking Wellies is, like all Gumleaf boots, they have a 4mm neoprene lining (that’s the sort of thickness you’d find on a winter wetsuit!) This lining makes the boots very comfortable and warm. To make things even better there is an extra thickness of neoprene on the sole to keep things compfy. I’ve found them amazing to wear when out walking with my dog, often we walk around fields early in the morning when the grass is covered in dew; these boots don’t let a drop in and are very warm, even with out thick welly socks.

The boots are made from natural rubber and not plastic like cheap boots, this gives them more grip and helps them withstand everything you throw at them. Further to this they also have an intelligently designed non slip sole that ensures you wont be falling over when out and about in wet, muddy weather.
Gumleaf wellington boots
I was so confident in their compfy fit and ‘waterproofness’ that I took them for a whole day fly fishing with my friend at Stithians Lake. As you can see from the photos below he has a proper set of waders but being a novice to the ways of fly fishing, I don’t. It wasn’t a problem though as the Viking boots where well up to the job. I walked deep into the water without them letting in a drip and at the end of the day, despite a lot of walking, my feet felt brand new.

The Vikings have an adjustable calf for the perfect fit no matter what size your legs or what you’re wearing. If you’re in need of a proper pair of real Wellies that are man enough to stand up to anything this winter, then I thoroughly recommend Gumleaf boots.

Fly fishing stithians Cornwall

Fly fishing stithians


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