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If you’re a modern outdoorsman or someone with a hectic lifestyle, no doubt you’ll have become stuck in between the rock and the hard place which is the smart phone. You don’t ever feel more at one with nature than when you’re totally off the grid; whilst at the same time, everyone nowadays (for better or worse) feels as if they have a missing limb once they reach 0% battery. In the modern world a phone isn’t just for ringing people, I use my to listen to music, take photos, keep in touch socially, look at maps, play games and loads more. So when the battery is depleted and it dies, it can be pathetically scary.

Cornish Wrestling Moves

This problem is always worse when you’ve got an epic day planned and at no point will you be having a pit stop or the chance to recharge the phone. I have these days all the time, regularly it gets to the evening and my phone dies and I can’t take photos or keep in touch easily with friends. This sucks.

Mothers Pasty Helston

I had one of these days last weekend. I had an awesome jam packed day which included: a trip out to a Cornish Wrestling (pronounced wrassling) demonstration and have a go session, beer and a mahoosive pasty, watching the Rugby in the pub and then in the evening drinks out in town and a meal at Hubbox. No chance to stop and get the phone back up to a half decent level of charge. Luckily I’ve got my hands on a new gizmo that solves this issue easily and conveniently. It’s a Powercard by Monster and can recharge your phone for five hours!

Hubbox Truro

It’s a really nice little piece of kit, the best thing about it is its size. I’ve been apprehensive about this sort of gadget before because I don’t want to be luggy a battery pack around all day. Monster’s Powercard is great because its tiny, about the size of a credit card and pretty thin too. This means it will fit in your wallet or in a coat pocket without you even noticing. Further to this, it charges super fast (three times quicker than a standard USB charger) and can charge your phone for 5 hours, giving you lots of power on the go – more than enough for emergency charges.

Monster PowerCard
It was just after the rugby and as the sun came down that my phone got dangerously low to empty. I plugged it into the Powercard, popped it in my pocket and by the time we’d got into town, for the meal and evening out, the phone was close to fully charged. This meant that I was able to continue taking photos and staying in touch with my friends all evening long. I’m going to be tucking the Powercard into my pocket on all future days out.

Perranporth Cornwall Sunset


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