Stocking Fillers for Active, Outdoor Loving People

It’s getting to that time shortly before Christmas when panic shopping commences. So before you start buying novelty books and apparently humorous gifts for your loved one, I thought I’d give you some top tips; Here are some stocking size items that any active, outdoor lover will thoroughly be glad to receive this Christmas.

BEET IT Sports Bar

BEET IT make organic beetroot juice which is super nutritional and great body fuel. They have recently launched the world’s first high nitrate sport bar which has been designed to boost strength and sporting performance and is called the BEET IT Sports Bar. The pocket size bar contains 400mg of natural nitrate, which is the equivalent to about half a litre of beetroot juice, I don’t know about you but I’d definitely rather eat this little bar!

It’s a mix of high nitrate beetroot and oats that taste awesome. The BEET IT Sports Bar is a great alternative for people who want the nutritional benefits of beetroot but aren’t keen on the juice or shots. My favourite part about these little fellows is the natural, bright purple colour they get from the beetroot.

A great gift for sports or gym fans. Box of 15 x 60g Beet It Sport Bars – £25.00

Beet It Bar

Case-Mate Tough Naked iPhone 5c Case

The Ultra-slim designTough Naked iPhone 5c case by Case-Mate is a rough tough case that gives your phone a good practical amount of protection whilst not ruining the sleek design. So many protective cases make your phone look twice the size and like some piece of military equipment. You spent hundreds of pounds to have a thin stylish phone, why cover it up with a huge rubber case?

The Tough Naked has a transparent, impact resistant hard shell back to show off the colourful iPhone 5c, as well as a duel layer design with protective bumper which will protect your iPhone from those accidental drops and scrapes. You can also get it in a choice of colours to suit all tastes.

An excellent present for accident prone tech fan – £25.00

Iphone 5c CaseMate

CaseMate iPhone 5c

Maui Jim Kawika Sunglasses

I’m a big Maui Jim fan and love my coconut aviators; the Maui Jim Kawika are the next pair of Mauis on my wishlist. They have been created for fans of retro style who like it was just a little modern twist. They have been designed with thin, lightweight nylon frames that are accented with a fine filigree nose bridge and temples to give it that high end look.

As with all Maui Jims they come with amazing lenses that really are the main selling point. Although these glasses are not in the traditional Christmas stocking price bracket, they would definitely fit in a stocking and who wouldn’t love to wake up with these at the end of their bed!

A brilliant gift for stylish outdoor loving people – £225.00

Kawika in Glass Black - 257-17C


I love my LighterBro and anyone who is lucky enough to be given one this Christmas will do too! A Lighter Bro is an American-made multi-tool, it’s a super high quality item made from 100% Japanese Stainless Steel which is polished to a mirror finish. The lighterBro logo is then laser engraved on to the side for long lasting cool!

It has all the essentials tools you need that have that pen knife style ‘snap action’: screwdriver, katana inspired knife, spring loaded scissors and bottle opener! It is very slim and weighs under 50 gram so it makes no difference to your pocket. I keep my LigherBro in my van and use it all the time. A very handy little addition to a normal Bic Lighter.

A perfect present for everyone – £10

LighterBro Bic


LighterBro bottle open


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