Maui Jim Coconuts Aviator Sunglasses Review

I don’t want to jinx it but overall we’ve had a really, fantastically sunny summer so far. It was with this in mind that I decided to treat myself to a new pair of Maui Jim Coconuts Sunglasses this week. When I was making up my mind whether to get them or not, I couldn’t find many reviews so I thought I’d resolve that problem by writing one of my own; here are my first impressions:

Maui Jim Coconuts Sunglasses Case
Cases are a fairly big thing when it comes to sunglasses, unlike other packaging this is something that you’re going to use everyday to keep your sunglasses safe and looking brand new. With this pair coming in at £255, I will be returning them to the case in between uses to keep them in mint condition; shiny and scratch free. Luckily the case that comes with the Maui Jims is great, it’s really tactile and has this sort of textured, straw hat print on it. I’m a really big fan of this case and the rich lining with gold Maui Jim logo, really tops the quality look off.

Maui Jim Coconuts sunglasses
What totally stunned me about these aviators is how stupidly light they are. Honestly I’ve not worn a pair of sunglasses this light before, it sounds like a huge cliche (and it is) but I forget that I am wearing them. If you’re the sort of person that wears sunglasses for long periods of time during the day, then you would really feel the benefit of having a pair as feather light as these. Long gone are the days of red marks on the bridge of your nose when you take of your sunnies.

Maui Jim Coconuts sunglasses aviators
Another stand out feature of the Maui Jims is their lenses. According to their website, all of their glasses come with their own Maui Jim patented, Polorized lenses that wipe out 99.9% of glare, 100% of harmful UV and even boost colour. When you put these bad boys on it is like going from 90’s television to modern day HD!

I also chose my glasses to have Maui Jim’s HCL® Bronze lenses, this give them great added contrast and give all of your view a lush, warm but subtle bronze tint. With the lenses and frame being treated to make them saltwater safe, as well as their lenses being polorized, these Maui Jim Coconut sunglasses are fantastic for spending time on or near the water, be it fishing, sailing or just hanging at the beach.

Maui Jim Coconuts


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