Styling a VW T4 Cab – Five Cheap & Easy Ways

The cab of my VW T4 is probably the part of the van which I’m most proud of. It’s taken a lot of time and effort, removing pretty much all of it, modding it and putting it back again. It’s been transformed from a scratched, used and abused grey cab to a sleek factory fresh looking cab; all in black and finished with chrome.

I’ve replaced the seats, flocked the dash, re-trimmed the headlining and painted all the plastics. These jobs take a while and can be expensive, So I thought I’d give you five quick and easy ways to jazz up your Transporters cab. People spend a lot of time and money on the exterior of their van but actually if you drive your van daily (like I do), then the cab is where you spend most of your time and it should look just as fancy as the outside!

VW T4 Caravelle Gear Knob

The caravelle came with a much nicer, premium chrome gear knob than the standard all black, plastic T4 one. The best part is you can do this mod in under a minute.

If you don’t want that OEM look and want to really go to town, you can do something even cooler, lots of people use skate wheels and even Rattler Cider pumps as their van’s gear knob!

VW T4 Caravelle Gear Knob

Removing T4 Transporter grab handles

I really don’t like grab handles, so I’ve removed almost all of them in my van. I’ve taken the handle off the passenger side A-pillar and I think that without it the cab looks a lot more sleek. If you look in a scrapyard its easy to find the blanks that cover up the holes in the A-pillars so your van will look like it never even had them.

VW T4 Grab Handle

VW T4 Chrome Speedo Rings

Readily available off ebay these Chrome Speedo rings fit the VW T4 and MK4 Passat. I absolutely love them, they add a touch of class to my van and make it feel much more like a luxury vehicle than a 12 year old van! Pretty cheap and easy to fit too, a tad fiddly but well worth it.

VW T4 Speedo Rings

Sunglasses Holder on VW Transporter

Not a lot of people seem to know but a VW Bora’s sunglasses holder will fit directly into the holes used to screw in the grab handle on a T4. I never use that grab handle where as a sunglasses holder is a nice, useful mod that looks totally OEM and like it was designed to always be there.

Look in scrapyards, ebay or try parts shops, another super fast, cheap mod!

VW T4 Glasses Holder

Get a VW Van Mascot

Simple, cheap and fun, get yourself a personal little mascot. I’ve got this knitted red octopus that matches the decal on the side of my van. You can have whatever you feel like though. That’s the joy of modding a van!

VW T4 Mascot Octopus


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  1. Tim Stevens
    June 2, 2016 / 9:54 pm

    Hi there, i’ve just read that you have taken the grab handles off the A pillars on your T4…well I am looking for some to put into the cab of my T4, is there an arrangement we could come to ?


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