Review: CamKix GoPro Chest Mount Harness & Bobber – Floating Hand Grip

My GoPro mount collection is growing a little bit more with the addition of the Camkix GoPro Bobber, a floating hand grip which is suitable for all GoPros. I’ve also bought a CamKix GoPro Body Mount Bundle which includes a chest harness mount, head strap mount and rotating wrist mount.

I tested the Bobber and Chest Mount out this weekend while stand up paddleboarding and kayaking (with my Fatyak Kaafu) and thought I’d write a little review about my experiences with them. I’ll start with the Bobber…

CamKix GoPro Bobber Floating Hand Grip
GoPros and watersports go hand in hand. They do a brilliant job capturing all the fun you have out in the wet stuff, but I’m so clumsy that it’s always spoiled by the fear of dropping my GoPro into the depths of the ocean. This is where the Bobber comes in, it’s a bright orange hand grip that will keep your GoPro afloat. I tested it out and dropped, threw and swam with it and whenever you let go of it the Bobber will return to the surface and, well, bob!

The Bobber is a bright orange colour like life vests and lifeboats so that it’s easy to spot out in the ocean and you can quickly get hold of it again. It’s clearly been well thought out as the handle is not only bright but is also a good ergonomic width to hold onto it easily and has a silicone grip to stop it slipping out of your mitts even when you and it are wet.

Bodyglove SUP Wave Stand Up paddleboard
A cool little feature is at the base of the Bobber there is a screw cap which can be undone and small items can be stored inside. Even smarter is that if you are diving or snorkelling you can let a little bit of water into this hollow compartment to make your GoPro and Bobber neutrally buoyant! I really enjoyed using this mount, it was light and easy to grip in a steady way which enabled me to get some cool and interesting shots. It is very well made which gave me a lot of trust in it. It’s not much over a tenner and when it could easily save you hundreds on the price of your GoPro, I’d say it’s a bit of a no-brainer.

My chest mount is part of the CamKix GoPro Body Mount Bundle and is probably my favourite of all the three mounts included in the pack although the other two are very useful. It’s worth noting that the bundle come in a rather nice Camkix drawstring bag which is large enough to store them and all my other GoPro gear in; it’s a very nice and useful addition to the bundle that further make it great value.

CamKix GoPro Chest Mount Harness
The chest mount is fitted with a standard GoPro quick release mount and comes with a J Hook and thumb screw which is the perfect way to mount you GoPro to this harness. The chest mount is made from strong, thick elasticated straps which are adjustable in five places and can go from 25-67 inches across the waist and from 18-inches across the shoulders. With this great range this mount could be used on children as well as large adults.

With all the different points of customising the fit of this harness the chest mount becomes highly stable and gets some fantastic quality shots. I put my GoPro onto Superview and this gives the widest view you can get. I think this looks awesome when on the kayak or SUP as you can see all the paddling going on. I love water sports as a fun and exciting way of staying fit and healthy; If you’re into fitness then you should check out the cool content at Total Shape.

CamKix GoPro Chest Mount Kayak
I think the chest mount gives you some excellent hands free shots and is fantastic for all sorts of activities and sports like surfing, cycling, climbing, snowboarding, skiing, go carting, horse riding and many more. What I love about having lots of different GoPro mounting options is that you can really let your imagination run wild and create some awesome views that you’ve never seen before.

CamKix GoPro Chest Mount Harness Kayak
Have a look at this video that we shot using just the CamKix Bobber and Chest Mounts.


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