Visit to St Ives & Weird Fish Hoody Review

I’ve got this new zipped Weird Fish Hoody which is the softest item of clothing I’ve ever owned. As I’ve already mentioned, more than once, Weird Fish are kings of the comfy hoody. This is the third one of their hoodies and it’s probably my favourite.

It’s got a classic look but what really stands this hoody apart from every other hoody I’ve owned is its lining which is brushed to give it a very, very soft feel. The brushed lining also definitely improves warmth and makes it great in this cold weather.

St Ives Beach Weird Fish Hoody
I recently wore it on a little day trip down to St Ives and really loved wearing it. It was a fantastic, beautiful day; lush and sunny but still a bit chilly. The Weird Fish Hoody stood up well and kept me very warm.

St Ives Weird Fish Hoody
Like all Weird Fish clothing, it’s made from excellent quality materials and has some really nice touches. I love the subtle branding that makes it great for wearing everyday and to any event. The hood’s thick pull cords and leather zip pull further add to the design.

Weird Fish Hoody St Ives Beach

St Ives Gallery Penwith
After a lovely little stroll through the town and across the beaches we made our way to the Penwith Gallery. The Penwith Society own and run the Penwith Gallery. The society was founded, yonks ago in 1949, by a group of artists in St Ives who were led by the rather famous Ben Nicholson, Barbara Hepworth and Bernard Leach.

Over the last year the Gallery has been fantastically modernised and now looks supreme. In the window on the way into the gallery they had on display this rather amazing Seagull suit of armour. I’m sure if most locals were allowed to have their way the Seagulls (which are often seen as a nuisance) would be in need of protection like this.

Seagul Suit of Armor
After the highbrow culture which comes from visiting a gallery, we decided to drop back down to our level and visit the arcade! St Ives has a brilliant arcade and has some really classic machines as well as more modern ones. You can have a go at a virtual horse race, modern style, by wobbling back and forth on a robot horse. Alternatively, you can do it vintage style by trying to flick balls down holes in order to slide your horse along a track to the finish line.

St Ives is an excellent sea side town with something for almost everyone, If you’ve not been before I strongly recommend you visit. It’s definitely a jewel in the Cornish coast’s crown.

St Ives Arcade

St Ives Harbour View


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