Mount Edgcumbe & Maui Jim Kawika

To be honest I hadn’t heard of Mount Edgcumbe before last weekend. I cant imagine why as it’s a fantastic, gorgeous place to visit. Mount Edgcumbe is a stately home and gardens in Cornwall, overlooking Plymouth Sound.

Although it’s in Cornwall I actually visited it from North of the border: Plymouth. Right next to the up-market Royal William Yard, there is an awesome little ferry boat which travels between the Docks and Mount Edgcumbe every 15 mintues. It costs just £1.30 and is easily worth the money. Definitely the way to arrive at Mount Edgcumbe!

Edgcumbe Belle
The ferry trip is a short journey only taking a few minutes, but if you are like me and love boats of any description, you will love it. On a beautiful, bright sunny day like the one we travelled on, it was just stunning.

Edgcumbe Belle Plymouth
When you arrive off the boat, you walk a grand path from the waterside, through the listed gardens and up to the grand Mount Edgcumbe house. This wasn’t the best time of year for the gardens so I’m looking forward to going back and seeing them in fullbloom. You could tell how great they will be by the majestic fountains.

In the grounds of the stately home is a frisbee golf course! I’ve not heard of one of those either but it looked like a lot of fun (basically its golf but with frisbees). I’ll be having a go for sure on my return! The gardens meet the water at lovely little beaches, which look back to Royal William Yard and Plymouth.

Mount Edgcumbe Beach
As I said it was a fantastically bright, clear day so I was rocking my new Maui Jim Kawika Sunglasses. These retro shades look similar to the ones Jake Gyllenhaal wears in Nightcrawler (excellent film) and I love them. I really like the heritage inspired design, which are a bit retro but has a modern twist that stops them from looking like something your granddad gave you.

Like my other pair of Maui Jims they are superbly made with high quality materials which make them saltwater safe and perfect for time on or by the water. With the wide lenses giving you excellent coverage from sunlight, they are also perfect for all outdoor adventures.

Kawika Maui Jim
My favourite part of Mount Edgcumbe estate was the Battery, this had the best views of the whole place and was the perfect area to chill out and soak up the sunshine. There are several old cannons lined up along the elevated area all pointing out as if to wage war on Plymouth!

Maui Jim Kawika
After a picturesque walk around the grounds we returned back to where the ferry had dropped us off. This is also where the (imaginatively named) Edgcumbe Arms sits. We popped in and bought a drink before returning outside to continue admiring the views across the water.

With the ferries being so regular you don’t need to think about your return journey. We finished our drinks in time with an incoming ferry and made our way back to Plymouth to carry on the day’s adventures…

Mount Edgecumb Ferry


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