Skimming Stones and Wearing Weird Fish

This week I’ve been indulging in the most primitive of coastal pastimes, skimming stones. It’s one of those brilliant activities that everyone and their dad is a professional at. My girlfriend and I went down to a beach on the south coast when the sea was mighty flat and practiced our skills.

Everybody has an opinion on the two main skimming elements: Stone choice and throwing technique. I’m definitely of the “get low to the ground and chuck it as hard as you can” approach. When it comes to the stone choosing, I always go for thin, palm size stones that have a slight oval shape too them. That could be a load of rubbish but it’s my technique. I imagine there is probably some university department somewhere, with too much time on their hands, that have researched the perfect stone shape and weight!

As I’ve previously mentioned, I love a good hoody. This week I’ve treated myself to a new Mendoza Jarse Hoody from Weird Fish, which I wore whilst skimming. It’s a lighter grey than my last one, which gives it a laid back appearance that would look great when worn at the beach during a long summer evening. It’s just as well made as the last and it’s made of a knit material, which is brushed on the inside to make it soft and a great insulator which will keep you nice and snug. A leather Weird Fish logo and toggles add to the already high in quality – low in fuss design.

I’m not sure if the hoody improved my already superb stone skimming skills, but on the day in question, I was on top form and had at least a couple of “five bouncers“!

Hoody Weird fish

Weird fish

Weird Fish Buttons


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