Home Decoration Tips For Men – The Rug

In this series of articles, entitled Home Decoration Tips for Men (or Mancave 101) I’m going to be writing about simple, easy tips that can be used to transform your Mancave (or LadyLair) into something you can be really proud of. I’ve decided to write my first tip all about rugs as I believe they are one of the easiest, cheapest and quickest ways of revamping your place.

Choosing a great rug is really important, it’s one of the first things you’ll notice when you walk into your Mancave and can make a huge difference to the look and feel of a room. I recommend going for something big and bold; this will create a real statement about your personal taste and style. You don’t want a wimpy little rug that looks like a door mat. You need something that will be eye catching and interesting. Most people tend to use light, neutral colours for their carpet as these make rooms feel bigger and more airy, as well as never going out of fashion. Light, neutral colours are however, boring. Whacking a big, bright, bold carpet down gives you an instant way of injecting some much needed character onto your floor. It also allows you to change your rug when ever you feel like it – much more cheaply than changing your carpet!

Traditional Rug Cornish Home
Loads of websites have rugs for sale but I decided to buy this one, from here. I like that it has a really traditional style, as I believe you should mix up your home decor and have a selection of modern as well as vintage stylings. It’s got a deep navy colour that’s really going to ‘pop’ on my much lighter coloured carpeting. Further to this, the strong navy should tie in nicely with the natural, aquatic colours that I like and will be using in the living room.

Traditional Rug Home
When choosing a rug, you need to consider where it is going to be used, how often it will be walked on and when. Long piles can be really cool but if you use them in high traffic areas of the house they will quickly become dirty and warn. For high traffic areas, like hallways, I suggest you get a short pile, durable rug. Where as long pile rugs like sheepskin rugs can be used in the bedroom where they will encounter less traffic and be walked over in bare feet.
Traditional Rug Cornwall


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