A Weekend in Bamboo Socks!

Last weekend wasn’t anywhere near as sunny and hot as the last weekend has been, it was a bit cloudy and overcast but looked like a really great weekend for some fishing. We decided to go for a fishing double bill and fly fish during the morning and hit the coast for some bass action in the afternoon.

I’d just bought a few pairs of Bonsai Bamboo Socks. I’m not entirely certain about how they make bamboo into fabric but I’ve heard really good things about its breathable, hard wearing, long lasting and anti bacterial qualities and had decided to give it a go. With a long day planned, including lots of walking and in different footwear, it seemed like the perfect time to test out the Bonsai Socks!

Boat Framed Branches
We first headed off to Carrick Roads in search of some mullet that we had heard about, we walked around the windy edge of the water for ages trying to find sign of the fishes. Unfortunately, we didn’t have much luck and just before midday we decided to head off.

Having tried fishing for mullet on bread bait, we thought a change of tactic might help, so we headed to the other side of Truro to a fishing spot near Tresillian. I had gone from wearing walking boots to wellies as these are necessary for getting into the river and sneaking around after the trout.

The Bonsai Socks are really versatile and you are able to wear them with almost any type of footwear. They are even long enough to wear as welly socks and wrap over the top of your wellies. I opted just to have them pulled nice and high under my jeans as I found this kept my legs really warm and the material’s elastic qualities meant that the socks didn’t annoyingly slide down my legs.

Fishing Boots and Tokens Fly Fishing
I’m a bit of a rookie when it comes to fly fishing and it definitely showed. When, after ages of squinting, I did manage to spot a fish I wasn’t able to get anywhere near it without spooking it (you had to be a full on ninja to get near these fish). After ages, I was eventually able to get near enough to get a cast in, but my line got stuck in a tree! My friend had a bit more luck and managed to get a nibble, however nothing came of it.

Feeling fairly, frustrated we left to return to our normal stomping ground of the North Coast with our usual lure based shore fishing. At least my feet were still really warm and very comfortable, the bamboo socks were doing a great job so far. The fact that I had forgotten that I was even wearing them speaks volumes about how comfortable they are.

Fly Fishing River
With the wellies off and some Vans skate shoes back on my feet, we parked up and started walking the coast path down to the cliffs. On the way down, we spotted a pod of 8 dolphins who were travelling west along the coast. My camera wouldn’t zoom far enough to get a good photograph, but they were really incredible. We watched them for about 10 minutes trying to count them as they kept popping up and down in the ocean.

North Coast Cornwall Fishing
You can get Bonsai’s Bamboo socks in lots of cool funky colours, I had gone for bright green as well as bright blue as these are my favourite colours. By this time in the day the sun was starting to set and I’d been wearing these socks all day. They had kept my feet feeling fresh and it felt good to know I was wearing a natural fabric, especially when out and about in the great outdoors. Apart from the great fit, quality and material of the socks, my favourite thing about them has to be their versatility. They are great for wearing with all footwear (apart from sandalls, never should any type of socks be worn with sandals!) and Bonsai Socks can be worn all year round as they keep your feet warm, whilst allowing them to breathe and not get too hot.

Bonsai Bamboo Socks
As the darkness drew in, we fished soft plastic Savage Gear Sandeels into the churning white water. I love fishing at this time of the day as the sky and water turn dramatic shades of blue and orange. Just as the sun was slipping out of sight my friend shouted, “fish on” and started to reel excitedly. I rushed over to see what was going on (completely forgetting my camera), our luck had finally come in. He had caught a bass albeit one that was borderline legal size. He popped it back and we both let out a sigh of relief as our whole day fishing wasn’t completely for nothing. The End.

Savage Gear Sandeel Cornwall Bass

Tubbies Head Cornwall Night Fishing


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