Great Christmas Gifts 2015 – Colville Leather Bi-Fold Wallet

I recently got a new wallet and I’ve been so impressed with it that I thought I’d feature it as my first Christmas Gift idea for outdoor lovers everywhere. Colville Leather is a brand who believe in sustainability and a connection with the wild. Despite being from my neighbouring county of Devon (Kernow bys vickan! Cornwall for ever) I love Colville Leather and their products- read on to find out why.

Colville Leather Printed Logo

With Christmas quickly approaching, tis the season to be treating others (or maybe just yourself) and a Colville Leather wallet makes a perfect gift. Firstly, it comes in really nice packaging, even the box which you get through the post is nicely branded. Then, when the lucky recipient opens up the box, they will find the wallet really well presented in a cotton bag which has been stamped with the cool Colville Leather logo.

Colville Leather Pouch Bag Wallet

What sets Colville Leather’s wallets apart from others is that every stage and process is done completely by hand. This goes all the way from dyeing the leather, right through to the cotton bags being hand stamped. In an age of imported, imitation leather products being shipped over from the other side of the world, it’s awesome to still be able to buy a traditionally hand-crafted product.

Colville Leather Bi-Fold Wallet

Another massive feature of the wallet is how the leather ages beautifully and differently depending on how you use it- over time it will darken and soften. This will give the leather a completely unique patina which will only be found on YOUR wallet. I’ve only just started using my Colville Leather wallet but I’ll be posting again in the future to show you how it’s evolved.

Bi-Fold Wallet Colville Leather

When you get up close and really inspect the wallet the hand crafted quality really stands out. You can tell Colville Leather are confident in the quality of their creations, as they offer a lifetime repair warranty on any part of the manufacturing. This really ensures that your wallet will stand the test of time and is a piece to grow old with you, not be thrown away after a couple of years.

Wallet Colville Leather Bi-Fold
I chose their Bi-Fold wallet in Walnut Brown, which like the rest of the range, has been specifically designed and moulded to fit nicely in your jeans. It’s got a really clean, simplistic design which has been created to keep your life de-cluttered. My old wallet had a big space at the back which used to just end up getting filled with receipts, making the wallet bulky and awkward. With the bi-fold wallet having a such a sleek design, it stops you from hoarding useless receipts and once used loyalty cards! This no-nonsense design can hold between two and six cards and still has plenty of room for all of your cash.

The vegetable tanned leather is gorgeous to look at and has a gorgeous natural feel and look. As it is handled, different hues will be revealed and the wallet will keep looking better and better which is really exciting. When most things I own just seem to deteriorate and get worse over time, it’s awesome to have a wallet that will just improve with age. If you’re searching for a gift this Christmas I’d certainly recommend one of these!

Wallet Colville Leather Branded


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