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Colville Leather
You might remember that back at the end of last year, I wrote about how smitten I was with my Colville Leather Wallet. Well my love for that wallet is still going strong; in fact, it’s actually increasing, as like posh wine, cheese and whiskey it’s getting better with age. With use, the colours of the wallet have become even more rich and the wallet’s leather more supple.

So when my trusty brown belt broke after serving me well for at least a couple years, I straight away thought about Colville Leather and without hesitation, got one of their handmade leather belts by Colville Leather. It arrived, just like my wallet, in a lovely, little recyclable box and inside a small bag with their logo on it. These small touches make it great as a gift or just extra special when you treat yourself to the ONLY belt you’re going to need in a very, very long time.
Colville Leather Belt
They do a couple of different types including, like my wallet, a dyed range but I choose one from their Pull Up Range. I hadn’t heard of ‘Pull Up Leather’ before and didn’t know what it was. Basically, it is when a high quality leather is deeply impregnated with oils and waxes. When you bend or pull this type of leather, oils within the skin move around causing changes in tone and lighter shades becoming visible. I love this as it gives the leather even more unique character and will change with use. I’ve also read that pull up is a good sign of durability as the oils inside will protect the leather. It will age really well and gain added character, gaining individuality as it distresses.

Colville Pull Leather Belt

Colville Belt Pull Leather

This gorgeous belt is made from a 3.5 – 4mm thick piece of quality cow hide leather. With a width of 38mm or 1 1/2″ “in old money”, it’s nice, chunky and masculine but will still fit in every pair of trousers, jeans or shorts I tried – I’ve tried it during the last couple of months of owning it.

I really like the look of the belt buckle. It’s available in stainless silver (which is what I’ve got) and solid brass, plus what’s even better is it’s British made in the Midlands. With its classic design, you can wear this belt with virtually anything and regardless of your personal style, this timeless belt’s quality is obvious from miles away and is sure to improve anything you’re wearing.

Brown Belt Colville Leather
Every one of Colville Leather’s belts and wallets are all crafted by Matthew Nesbitt’s skilled hands (the creator of Colville Leather). With his eye for detail and a high quality finish, everything that is produced is amazing, however due to the bespoke nature of what he does, nothing is exactly the same. The leather is always slightly different and will have individual grain or markings unique to your piece. Added to that, the fact that your belt will continue to adapt to your use, it will evolve into something even more beautiful with the sunlight and oils in your hands, all slightly changing the appearance of your belt.

When you order a belt, you are instructed to measure your current one from buckle to the hole you most use, so that your belt can be made with your usual hole right in the centre. In an age of mass manufacturing, global corporations and ultimately just boring blandness, it’s this individual care and top quality which can only come from something handmade, which I think is the best thing about Colville Leather.

Colville Leather Brown Belt


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