OXO Lift & Lock Pole Caddy Review

The bathroom in my house is the only room that isn’t totally finished. I can’t quite work out which tiles I want and what sort of bathroom sink and unit to get. There are too many choices! In our shower cubicle, we’ve been getting frustrated with keeping all the shampoos and toiletries on the floor and I decided it was time to fix it. I’m not normally DIY adverse but as I haven’t decided what to do with the bathroom, I didn’t really want to get drilling and fixing anything permanently.

Luckily, I’ve found the perfect solution in the Lift & Lock Pole Caddy. It’s a really, really well designed item and can be used in most bathrooms as the pole extends from 1.5m to 2.7m, which will fit most showers, bathtubs or bathroom corners. One thing which will appeal to the DIY adverse is that with the Lift & Lock mechanism, it allows for safe and easy installation without any tools! It’s really easy; to install all you need to do is screw the poles together (there are a selection of poles to suit all sizes of room. Then you simply use the Lift & Lock ratcheting mechanism to create the perfect tight fit, that wont budge. This makes it perfect for people that are renting as you don’t need to drill or screw anything to the wall and it wont ever fall down like those awful suckered ones.

It comes with three trays and one shelf that are a piece of cake to mount to the pole. What is even better is that you can adjust them without removing the pole. All you do is put the hook around the pole and then twist and it clamps down. It’s amazing how strongly this attaches whilst being so easy to remove. You can really stack the trays full of heavy shower gels and shampoos and they wont budge even a little. As they are so easy to remove, they are really easy to clean which is pretty darn handy.

The intelligent design doesn’t end there and on one of the trays has two hooks for hanging sponges, brushes, loofahs, poofs and other things girlfriends have. I love the quality of the shower caddy; it’s made from stainless steel which is brilliant as you can rest assured it will never rust.

As well as three trays, a shelf is also provided. You can use this for soap and razors but I’ve also taken to bringing cups of tea into the shower and the shelf is strong enough that you can even pop a cuppa on it! Along the front of the shelf is a stainless steel bar for hanging washcloths – another great feature.

Possibly my favourite piece of design are the holes in the bottom of the trays which, as well as letting water run through, also do the ingenious job of holding shampoo and conditioner bottles upside down. I love it as trying to balance bottles upside down, to get the few last washes out, really drives me mad.

With the three generously sized bins and the cool tray there is more than enough storage for a house share of beauty bloggers! In fact, as we’re not super into cosmetics and toiletries, I ended up keeping some house plants on the top shelf! If you’re in need of a quick and easy way of adding extra stylish storage to your bathroom, then I highly recommend the OXO Shower Caddy. It’s full of great design and is awesome quality.



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