Cool Things You Must Do In Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm Archipelago

Get out of Stockholm and See The Archipelago

Stockholm Archipelago

The best way to see the Archipelago, perhaps the only way, is to book a boat tour. This took us around just some of the 30,000 islands, islets and rocks which make up the world famous Archipelago. With a delicious lunch included, it really is the perfect way to spend a few hours, whilst admiring the views and the very expensive holiday homes on the islands.
Stockholm Boat Trip Food Meal

Seeing Stockholm from the water made the city look even more of a spectacle and makes you really appreciate what a gorgeous place it is.
Stockholm Ferry


Explore the Old Town

We loved Gamla Stan. This is one of the largest and best preserved medieval city centres within Europe. Here you can wander through the old, winding cobbled streets, browse through the variety of vintage and tourist shops, or have a coffee at one of the quaint street-side cafes.
Stockholm Old Town


Try Traditional Fish Soup

Stockholm Restaurant Fish Soup Kajsas

Located within Hötorgshallen food hall, Kajsas Fisk is a must for lunch. We had heard about their speciality and were dying to try it. This homemade fish soup is so delicious, full of chunks of fresh fish and is very filling, served with unlimited slices of bread and salad.
Stockholm Restaurant Fish Kajsas


See Some Unusual Sights

One great thing about visiting Stockholm is the variety of unsual sights you find around the city. One being at Norrmalmstorg, where the Kreditbanken was located – the birth place of the psychological phenomenon ‘Stockholm Syndrome’.
Stockholm Syndrome Bank Fox

At the foot of the Stockholm bridge, you can find the ‘Rag and Bone’ homeless fox statue, created by British Sculptor Laura Ford. It isn’t that noticeable, but do look out for it – it really does have a very poignant message about poverty and to help those in need.

Eat The Best Sweedish Meatballs

Stockholm Restaurant Meatballs For The People

I know Ikea do some tasty meatballs. They are nothing compared to the ones we had at Meatballs for the People restaurant. They really do serve the best meatballs I have ever tried and a good amount of ales to have alongside too. The variety of organic meats on offer and the delicious accompaniments just make this the perfect local dish to try when in Stockholm.
Stockholm Meatballs For The People


Learn About The Vasa

I recommend visiting the Vasa Musuem during your Stockholm visit. After capsizing and sinking in the 1600s, the Vasa ship is such a spectacle to see. This amazing, elaborately decorated warship was salvaged from the seabed after 333 years and is the world’s only preserved 17th century ship. If you can, join a free tour around the museum to give you a much better insight into the Vasa and its history.

Stockholm Vasa Museum


Marvel at The ‘Underground’ Art

Stockholm Underground Metro Art

Stockholm has a very easy to navigate underground metro network so you can get around the city quickly and cheaply. However, this is not the only reason to head down in the subway. What you’ll find at most stations is some incredible works of art- also known as the world’s longest art gallery.
Stockholm Metro Art

Since the 1950s, the subways have been decorated with installations, paintings, mosaics and sculptures by around 150 artists. It really is worth hopping on and off at each station just to check it out. You wont be disappointed.
Stockholm Metro Art Underground


Visit Skansen

Reindeer Skansen

Located on Royal Djurgården, Stockholm, Skansen Open Air Museum was a great place to spend the day. Not only for the 150 farm buildings and dwellings from all over Sweden, but for the amazing zoo, with native Scandinavian animals.
Lynx Skansen

The variety of animals found here was fantastic which included both domestic and wild Nordic animals such as pigs, moose, bears, wolves and a wolverine.
Brown Bear Moose Skansen

Seal Skansen


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