Women’s Sprayway Nuna Vest Review

Sprayway Nuna Down Jacket Gilet

One of my favourite autumn pieces for the wardrobe has got to be my brand new Nuna Vest by Sprayway. The Sprayway brand is superb, offering affordable, great quality, outdoor clothing. The vest really does look great for any occasion, be that walking through town or hiking across the moors. It is comfy to wear and the design in particular helps this stand out against other jackets I own.

Nuna Sprayway Gilet

The best part about the vest is the feel of it. It is filled with highly compressible duck down which makes the vest soft to touch. Duck down is a fantastic, natural insulator as the loft (or fluffiness) of down creates thousands of tiny air pockets which trap warm air and retain heat, thus keeping the wearer very warm. To spread the down across the whole vest, Spraway have stitched the gilet through baffle construction, therefore the jacket is able to insulate to its full potential. The duck feathers are also water resistant so perfect for wetter weather.

Sprayway Nuna

Due to the design, the vest can either be worn as an outer layer, over the top of a hoodie, fleece or a t-shirt, or it can become a mid-layer under a jacket during the colder weather. There are two hand-warmer pockets on the outside which are also soft inside for your hands. These are perfect for storing small things like your keys or your phone. The vest also includes a zipped security pocket on the inside. This is very useful for carrying more valuable items such as a wallet or passport.

Sprayway Nuna Gilet

The main zip goes all the way up to the collar. This is a useful design feature as it keeps the cold air out. There is also a drawcord adjustable hem which ensures a better fit. It has been very useful to be able to adjust this at any time, depending how thick the underneath layers I have worn are. The gilet has elastane bound arm holes, which ensures it is comfortable and secure to wear.

Sprayway Nuna Gilet Down Jacket

I feel this is such a great vest for hiking and travelling as it is very lightweight, can be packed down small, plus it includes a very useful stuff sack. Being able to stuff the vest away ensures there are no space issues in your luggage/hiking rucksack, and gives you quick and easy access when you need it.

Nuna Down Sprayway Gilet

The Sprayway Nuna Vest has so many great features and as you can see is good value for money too. It comes in two colours, either Blazer (navy blue) or Blackcurrant (the colour I chose). To be honest, it was hard to choose between as both colours look great. This is such a versatile vest that can literally be worn at any time of the year due to its ultra-lightweight design. It is of a fantastic quality and gives you a stylish, yet relaxed look at any time.

Sprayway Gilet Nuna Down


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