Preparing For A Winter Road Trip (Infographic)


Give your car a check up

You want to walk around your car or van and give it a really good once over. Then move to the windscreen and look at the wiper blades. You must replace any worn out blades. If your wiper blades aren’t up to scratch this will greatly decrease visibility in the event of rain or snow.


Look at the liquids

After looking at the outside of your car you need to open up the bonnet and have a look inside the engine bay. It is super important to check the levels of your fluids. First, look at the antifreeze level in your radiator. If this is low then top up with the appropriate fluid. If you’re unsure which to use, you can look in your car’s manual. Also you should check your oil and the windshield washer fluid. If you’re travelling in a cold climate, use a fluid of a more concentrated mixture of the fluid. If it is really cold, I’d recommend using it neat. If it’s a really long journey, you could even think about keeping an extra container of fluid in the boot.

Christmas Car Road Tyre Safety

Pack Right

Pack a winter survival kit that includes an ice scraper, shovel, sand or kitty litter, road flares, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, small tool kit, candle, matches, tin can, booster cables, tow rope, flashlight with extra batteries, extra shoes and socks, extra gloves, a change of warm clothing, paper towels, blanket and tool kit, at least one jug of water and extra food such as granola bars. Pack plenty of snacks in case you’re unable to stop for meals. Include CDs or books on tape. If you’re travelling with kids, pack a few games to prevent boredom.

Prepare for winter emergencies. Carry a car charger for your cell phone, as your cell phone may be your lifeline if you car breaks down or if you’re lost or stuck in the snow. Program your phone with any important numbers, such as emergency road service or weather or traffic reports.

Tyre Christmas Car Road Safety

Check your Tyres

Your tyres are probably the most important part of your vehicle to take care of during the snowy season. They are the point of contact with your car or van and the road. If they can’t handle the conditions then you really are in trouble. The infograhic below by TyrePlus has some excellent tips and advice on how to stay safe (and legal) when out on the road this winter.

Tread-Carefully-Infographic - Final


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