A Day At The Races

Experiencing the atmosphere of the races is supposed to be something that everyone should do in their lifetime; whether you’re going to the Cheltenham Festival in March or the Grand National in April – the dates are quickly coming up and you may be already starting to plan your outfit for your day at the races.

If you’ve ever seen the coverage on TV or in the papers you’ll know that more and more a day at the races isn’t just about trying your luck on the horses! There is so much emphasis on what the ladies are wearing, who’s got the most expensive dress or the most over the top hat, but here at Wild Tide, we know that men’s style is just as important. Normally, we focus on clothing for being out in the wild – by the ocean or half way up a mountain – but what should you wear the races?

Well… in collaboration with Chums and their hashtag #WhereToWear we’ve decided to bring you a brief guide on what you guys should wear to the races. Ladies bring the glamour – Gents bring the style!

Going to the races is one of the few chances men really get to dress up and show off some of their personality with their outfit – whether you want to go all out with a three-pieces patterned suit or keep things sleek and simple. Here are some rules to keep you on point and looking your best, even if your horse doesn’t do his best:

1. The Dress Code
We’re not talking about rules and tips to get you looking your best yet. We’re talking about hard rules and dress code. This is something that you really need to do research about before you start choosing your gear. Different venues have different rules and they even differ for different days and even for the varying enclosures you may be in. Read up and find out exactly what you can and can’t do.

2. Look at the weather forecast
It may be hot and sunny or raining and freezing cold. Regardless of the time of year – you know what the UK is like. The month has no bearing on the forecast!
So with that out of the way, let’s tackle a few tips to get you looking your best:

 When trying to look your best at any race day, choose a suit and go for a classic styling.
 To show off your personality, choose a pattern or colour to invigorate your look..
 If you’re unsure about what to choose or unconfident with pattern or colour then opt for a timeless colour such as black, navy or grey.
 If you’re still feeling lacklustre, try adding accessories such as lapel pins, bow ties or pocket squares.
 Keep your shoes smart and formal and ensure that they match the colour of your suit:

  • Black suit: black shoes
  • Navy suit: brown or burgundy shoes
  • Grey suit: black or brown shoes

3. The Broken Suit Look
If you really want to rock a look with lots of personality, you can try the broken suit look. This means mixing up your jacket and trousers. In order for this to work though, you need to stick to the same colour family and the same texture. I’ve included Chum’s infographic below which will guide you through some of the different styles of trousers available. If you’re heading to the races, you definitely want to stick solely within the ‘suit trousers’ family.

Where to Wear Chums


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