Helly Hansen W Oslofjord Women’s Canvas Shoes Review

I had worn my Vans low profile shoes to death and decided it was time for a new pair of sneakers for the summer, which had to be lightweight and stylish for my travels. So after lots of browsing, I stumbled across some fantastic looking shoes. These were the Helly Hansen W Oslofjord Canvas Shoes.

Helly Hansen have really created something special with these. Not only do these summer sneakers look great, they come in a variety of colours. I chose the navy/white as I felt that they would match the majority of my outfits and would also look cleaner for longer (being a bit darker in colour).

The upper of the shoe is made from canvas, which is pretty lightweight, perfect for taking abroad in the suitcase. The material also provides a stiffness that ensures durability, something I was keen to have as I knew I would be wearing them every day when in Vietnam and also in Europe later on in the year. The canvas creates excellent support, more than other low-profile sneakers I have owned.

Helly Hansen have also added little details on the outside which enhances the style. For my navy shoes, the bright white lace hoops and the white sole look great against the navy laces and navy outer. I particularly like the strips of navy running along the sides of the white sole. The Helly Hansen branding on the tongue and side of each shoe is simple, yet compliments the overall colour scheme of my sneakers.

The soles have HellyGrip- basically this is Helly Hansen’s version of traction for their shoes. Considering these are classed as footwear for deck and pier, I have found the grip is excellent for this type of summer shoe. I have worn them over rocks, on the beach, on coastal paths, in city centres, on a boat and I have been very impressed with the quality and versatility of the sole, never worrying about slipping.

As I mentioned before, these shoes are made from canvas and I wasn’t sure how comfy they would be, seeing as they are pretty sturdy. However, due to the Eva footbed, this really cushions the feet, acting almost like a gel. The midsole is made from a vulcanised rubber, so the shoes can withstand a lot of tension, like elastic, which ensures that they have higher resistance, low water absorption and are comfy to wear. Never have I had achy feet or any blisters when I have worn them. They have been well designed with a spacious toe area (compared to the middle of the shoe), so not only are they comfortable underfoot, they are roomy around your toes too.

Overall, I have found these low-profile shoes are a great purchase. If you are looking for something well designed that looks great with everything, I would highly recommend the Oslofjord Canvas. They are comfy to wear and I know they will last for ages!


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