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The Camping and Caravanning Club Pitch Sennen

During the last Bank Holiday weekend, we decided to make the most of the glorious weather and head down to the Camping and Caravanning Club campsite at Sennen Cove. We have stayed here in the autumn in 2016 but as we loved it so much, we wanted to return on a sunny weekend. Although it’s actually located a couple of miles north of Sennen itself, the location is absolutely fantastic.

The Camping and Caravanning Club Sennen Campsite

Yet again, the campsite did not disappoint. We were greeted by a very friendly and enthusiastic member of staff who gave us a quick tour and a choice of pitches. As it was the start of the season, the site wasn’t too busy. In fact, we had a field to ourselves, which was idyllic. The whole site was so clean and very well-maintained. We have found this with all Camping and Caravanning Club campsites that we have stayed in around the country. On site, there are the normal facilities such as dish washing, showers, toilets and a small office/shop to buy various camping essentials, plus a small park for younger visitors.

Coleman Rocky Mount 5 Interior Tent Rooms

We set up our Coleman Rocky Mountain 5 tent very quickly- it really is an easy tent to put up- and organised our camping items ready for our two day stay. The tent actually has a secret hole to slide any power cables through, had we needed any electric during our visit (we were located right next to a power source too). We love this tent. It is huge for 2 people, plus the blackout sleeping room worked perfectly for this type of sunny and clear weekend, meaning we could sleep in without being awoken when the sun came up at around 5am.

Coleman Rocky Mount 5 Interior Tent

The campsite was very quiet and just a great place to relax. Our relaxation was enhanced by our awesome Coleman Maxi Comfort Raised King Air Bed. After blowing it up using the electronic pump, it stayed firm and didn’t deflate over the two days we were using it, unlike some other airbeds I have used in the past. It was so comfy and felt just like a real bed- in fact I forgot that we were actually sleeping on an airbed.

Gwenver Beach

The campsite is just a 25 minute walk to Gwynver Beach. The staff gave us two different routes we could take to get there. We were so lucky with the beautiful weather and the views of the beach, from the cliff above, were just spectacular, therefore we made the most of the opportunity for some photos.

Gwenver Beach Surfing

We donned our wetsuits, the sea still being pretty chilly, and headed into the sea; Vicky with her belly board and I with my body board. It was great fun, not too busy and some great waves to enjoy. It was so gorgeous that we basically spent both the first and second day on the beach.

Gwenver Beach Frisbee

The sand was soft and white so we made the most of it by playing some traditional beach games, such as the frisby. Gwynver beach, unlike Sennen, is great. It is a good size, plus they allow dogs here. We had such a good time down there and thankful that the walk back wasn’t that long either.

Cornwall Minack Theatre

Sennen Cove campsite is perfectly situated. You can drive (or take a long walk) to Lands End, Cape Cornwall and lots of heritage mining sites. However, our tradition every time we stay at this end of Cornwall is to visit the Minack Theatre to watch a show, regardless of what it is. We had booked tickets for Thirteen: The Musical, performed by not only local young performers, but the young stars of the West End version too. The musical was jam-packed with dance routines, upbeat songs and a very talented cast of teenagers. It was such a great evening, not only because of the show or the warm, clear night, but the fact we actually saw a large pod of dolphins in the sea behind the theatre. It was such a spectacular moment seeing about 25 dolphins jumping in and out of the water, heading east. Just an amazing and memorable experience.

Gwenver Cornwall Beach Coastal Path Walk

On our second morning, the weather still being fantastic, we wanted to go for a walk. From the campsite, we headed back down towards Gwynver Beach to find a good point to begin the Cornish Coastal Path. You can walk west for about 40 minutes to Sennen and a further 90 minutes to Lands End. We chose instead to walk east.

Gwenver Cornwall Beach

On one side of you there are steep hills, with boulders and rocks to scramble over. On the other side, is the most awesome view of the sea, with Sennen and Lands End in the background. The path isn’t too strenuous either so it was just a very pleasant stroll, however, hiking/trail shoes are recommended due to the good grip needed when going over rocks at various points.

Gwenver Cornwall Chough

This route is perfect for spotting Cornish Choughs. There are signposts to indicate this specific area for these local birds, which I had seen during my coastal walk last year. However, I didn’t spot any then and even though I have lived in Cornwall all of my life, I have rarely seen a Chough before. Lucky for us, the warm weather had brought 2 Choughs out to hunt for food. They had a cute squeak when they communicated and hopped up and down the hillside, searching for bugs and worms. It was lovely to see and made the morning even more special.

Gwenver Cornwall Beach Coastal Path

I would thoroughly recommend walking any part of the Cornish Coastal Route, particular around this area. The views are so impressive and really do provide such a great photo opportunity that would make your friends very jealous.

Cornwall Sennen Beach Sunset

On our last night, we drove round to Sennen Cove (less than 5 minute drive from the campsite) and parked on the hill above the beach. There were quite a lot of people, also aiming to catch a glimpse of the sunset. We walked down the footpath to the beach itself and were in awe at the wonderful views here too.

Sennen Cornwall Beach Sunset

Sennen Beach Sunset

In the distance, there was a spectacular sea mist rolling over the sea towards the shore. Longships Lighthouse was suddenly hidden behind, as the mist crept closer. With the sun setting beyond, the mist caught the most beautiful colours. We headed back to the campsite and had a bbq outside our tent. Whilst waiting for our food to cook, a fish and chip van stopped at the campsite. Ordering chips to have with a burgers and sausages was a very special treat indeed and the best way to end the evening.

Beach Sunset Sennen Cornwall

The next morning was yet again absolutely glorious and we enjoyed having breakfast in such a tranquil location. The views of the rolling hills beyond the site made me feel very lucky to live in Cornwall. It was a well needed break and thankfully enjoyed at a great location.

The Camping and Caravanning Club Sennen

We washed up after breakfast in the useful facilities. There were 3 sinks so even with another guest using them, there was plenty of room. Both the showers and toilets were also very clean. Whilst packing away, the staff were doing a variety of jobs. One man was painting a fence, another was mowing the grass. They really do keep the site immaculate.

The Camping and Caravanning Club Block Sennen

I would thoroughly recommend this site to couples and families alike (especially as dogs are welcome). The Camping and Caravanning Club always impress us with their positive and knowledgeable staff and the campsites themselves. This one in particular was in a fab location, giving lots of options for day trips and some wonderful views along the way too. We will definitely be coming back again!

The Camping and Caravanning Club Flag


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