Torbay Airshow 2018 Gallery

Torbay Airshow was on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd of June this year. I’ve always had an interest in history but after our trips to Krakow in Poland and Berlin in Germany I’ve developed an interest in the Second World War. We’ve since visited amazing museums like the Churchill War Rooms and The Imperial War Museum in London which have further fanned the flames of my intrigue.

I’ve been reading a lot of books and watching a lot of documentaries and films which feature famous planes from the war such as the Spitfire, Bristol Blenheim and Lancaster Bomber. So when I found out that these and more would be available to watch for free flying over the waters of Torbay – it was a no brainer – we needed to make sure we where there on that weekend.

It was an awesome event and the planes (vintage and otherwise) did not disappoint. Particular highlights for me included the aforementioned WW2 planes, The Blades, Pitts Special S1-S as well as the incredibly loud and fast Typhoon. Below is a running order of the day plus a gallery of my photographs.

  • Team Raven
  • OV-10 Bronco
  • Spitfire MKIX
  • The Blades
  • Grob Tutor
  • Autogyro
  • Pitts Special S1-S
  • The Red Arrows
  • Aerosuperbatics Wingwalkers
  • Tigers Freefall Parachute Display Team
  • Strikemaster
  • Bristol Blenheim MK1
  • Lancaster
  • Dakota
  • RAF Typhoon (top speed 1,500mph and 9G)

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