Summit Pop! 18L Folding Collapsible Cool Box Review

The Summit Pop! 18L Folding Collapsible Cool Box is a great item to take on any picnic or camping trip. Not only is it very functional but as you will see below it has a really neat and unique trick… Check out the three photos below to see it go from folded and compact to large and spacious in seconds.

What the Summit Pop! 18L Folding Collapsible Cool Box does which is so smart is pack down really small when not in use. It consertinas down to just 10cm high, whereas when it is expanded it has big dimensions of just 60 x 23 x 26cm! I think this is a really great feature because anyone, even the most ‘outdoorsie’, spends more time storing their cool-box than they do using it.

I’ve got so much space in my house taken up with outdoor gear that it can be quite a pain so it’s nice to find a product that is actually space saving. This is especially important when it comes to coolers as they are usually very big and bulky items. This one however can fit into lots of places like cupboards or under a bed which a normal cool box would never be able to do. However, when opened fully, this coolbox has a capacity of 18L which is more than enough for a sizeable picnic or a weekend camping trip.

The design is ingenious but also very simple as it has a rubber outer shell which expands and contracts when in use or being stored, the insulation comes from a insulated foil bag which lines this outer shell. It has an elasticated edge which hooks around the edge of the cooler, this means that it can easily be removed which is awesome for cleaning or storage. Although the foil liner isn’t the most sophisticated in terms of materials, I have found it to work well at keeping the contents cool for up to about 8 hours if you use ice blocks.

To sum up, the Summit Pop! 18L Folding Collapsible Cool Box is a very useful cool box which is ideal for short trips and picnics. I love how it folds down small which makes it brilliant for packing your car when you go camping or to store it away at home. I wish more outdoor gear could be packed away this well when not in use – I’d certainly have a lot more room in my house.


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