SunGod Sierras Polarised Sunglasses Review

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If you’ve been on Wild Tide much in the last year, you’ll know that I’m a huge advocate and fan of SunGod Sunglasses. I’ve already written about how I believe SunGod make the best travel sunglasses. I’ve spent literally weeks and weeks travelling, wearing SunGods and now know how awesome they are.

SunGod Sierra Sunglasses Green Lense

Vicky and I have a little collection of SunGod sunglasses which consist of different colours of Renegades and Classics2, so when I saw the newly designed 2018 SunGod Sierras, I just had to get a pair to test out for myself…

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SunGod Sierras Polarised Sunglasses Review

Let’s start with the look of the SunGod Sierras Polarised Sunglasses. The shape of the lenses are rounder than the Renegades, which I really love and look very stylish. The arms are much slimmer than the Classics2 and the Renegades and very comfy to wear. Like all SunGod sunglasses, these are customise-able. It is always good fun to choose the colour-scheme to personalise them and get the perfect style for you.

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For the frames, I went with the Matt Black Tortoise colour as I felt this would be a good look for any occasion. I chose the polarised 4KO green for the lenses and a brushed black for the icon. As always with SunGods, the lenses are triple layer scratch resistant. However, if you were to scratch them, they are interchangeable and replaceable. This means your glasses will remain looking as good as new.

SunGod Sierra Sunglasses Womens Ladies

What I really like about the feature set of the SunGod Sierras is that they’ve kept everything that makes SunGods my favourite Sunglasses brand and then added a new feature that you don’t get on the Classics2 or Renegades. This is their trademarked “Pop-Lock” hinge system. What makes this new and great for action/travel sunglasses is that this new design is screwless. So why is this important and why do you want sunglasses feature like this?

Well, it’s great because all Sunglasses with screw-type hinges eventually come loose. You’re going to be wearing these sunglasses a lot and if you’re like me, you’re far too busy to be worrying about trying to find a tiny screwdriver on your travels to tighten up the annoying loose screws on your sunglasses. A screwless hinge like Sungod’s Pop-Lock gets rid of ever having to worry about this.

SunGod Sierra Sunglasses

Another advantage of the Sierras is that they weigh just 25g, where as the Renegades weigh 29g and the Classics2 are 28g. Now although these differences seem tiny in terms of a fraction of the overall weight they are really quite substantial. I’ve worn all three pairs for hours and hours and I can honestly report that you really can feel the difference of the Sierras’ minuscule weight – 25g is super light. Despite their light weight they are still incredibly strong as they are made from SunGod’s ‘adventure proof’ frame material. You can see in the photo above just how flexible they are – no breakages when you sit on your shades!

SunGod Sierra Classics2 Renegades Sunglasses

(From left to right: Sierras, Classics2 and Renegades)

If you’re wearing them for a whole day, you really still can’t feel them even at the end of the day. If your current sunglasses give you those red marks on your nose from where they’ve been resting, I suggest you swap to SunGods – especially the Sierras.

SunGod Sunglasses Sierra Classics2 Renegades

(From left to right: Classics2, Renegades and Sierras)

In conclusion, I think that the SunGod Sierras Polarised Sunglasses are an excellent addition to the SunGod range. I really like the shape and styling of them which is really cool and has a sort of fashionable retro vibe. I like the slim arms and the fact that the shades weigh in at a minuscule 25g making them perfect for wearing all day long.

SunGod have done a brilliant job of keeping all the awesome features which make them my sunglasses brand of choice: lifetime guarantee, flexible and super strong materials and design, interchangeable and brilliant polarised lenses and customisable designs at no extra charge! What makes the Sierras even better is that SunGod have added in the PopLock hinges which make these sunglasses stand out.

SunGod Sierra Sunglasses Green Mens


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