Campfire Cookery Christmas Gifts From Primus

It’s that time of year again – the Christmas season is definitely here and that means present purchasing! If there is an outdoor adventurist in your life, you may be racking your brains on what to get for them. I’ve gathered four great pieces of gear from Primus that I personally use and love. These would make awesome gifts for anyone who loves spending time outdoors – cooking, eating or drinking. In fact, they would even make brilliant presents for yourself!


Primus CampFire Cutting Set

The Primus Campfire Cutting Set is the sort of beautifully designed and crafted item of outdoor gear that I love. It’s a really simple item of campfire cookware that makes preparing food outside hassle free. The set contains a gorgeous oak cutting board and a 15cm stainless steel knife. These are both stored in a PU-coated polyamide and G1000 roll. This tough and rugged cover not only does a great job at keeping your gear safe but also enables them to be transported easily. It is also nice to use the cover as a clean base to prepare food on which is simple to clean.

The knife is really well made. It is nicely flexible and is not only suitable for chopping anything, but the great flexibility also makes it brilliant for filleting. The knife is kept safely in a light weight but strong sheath. However, probably my favourite feature is the hidden magnets inside the cover roll which hold the knife in place.


Primus CampFire Prep Set

The Primus CampFire Prep Set is an outdoor cooking utensil set like no other; it’s by far the nicest and best made that I’ve ever seen. It has a similar PU coated roll to the Primus Campfire Cutting Set although this one has a few extra features…

Inside the roll there are four loops to keep the different tools in their places and also two pockets for storing additional cooking accessories such as salt and pepper etc. It also has the really well designed hidden magnets which keep the 12cm stainless steel blade secure.

I’ve been using this cook set regularly with my Primus Kuchoma Grill and really find that they make cooking very convenient and enjoyable. I really love how you can just pick the roll up and carry it easily to your cooking area before you start cooking. It’s really very handy to have the roll as a clean and hygienic area to place your tools back down on to.

Inside the roll there is a really nice stainless steel knife which is super sharp and excellent for cutting both vegetables and meat. Its excellent flexibility makes it great for filleting. Additionally, the Campfire Cookset even has a grater, which is really useful when cooking creative meals outdoors.

The set contains three really well crafted oak utensils a fork, spatula and spoon. Being oak, these spatulas are great to use on something like my Primus Kuchoma Grill as they don’t scratch or spoil non-stick surfaces. As wood doesn’t transfer heat they are really safe to use and brilliant with piping hot grills and pans.

I really like that the tools are a natural material and not a plastic. Being wood they are still very hygienic and I also find them really easy to clean.

The Primus CampFire Prep Set is an excellent gift for anyone who enjoys cooking outdoors. If it is paired up with the previously mentioned Campfire Cutting Set then a chef would have everything they need to prepare a delicious meal.


Primus FieldChef Pocket Knife

An excellent smaller gift or stocking filler would be the Primus FieldChef Pocket Knife. This versatile and compact folding knife is an excellent piece of gear to take on any adventure. It even comes in a case which has a loop so it can be attached to your pack or belt.

Its small design and very light weight makes it brilliant for backpacking and travelling. The 10cm long stainless steel blade is excellent at cutting, slicing and chopping as it is at filleting. I like to pack this small knife in my fishing bag so that I can fillet fish easily by the water. The grip is really comfortable and makes the knife an absolute pleasure to use.

Although simple, the Primus FieldChef Pocket Knife has been designed very intelligently. The blade has a really firm lock which holds the blade open and makes it really safe to use. To release the blade you must press a steel latch which frees the lock and allows you to click it back into the closed position.


Primus TrailBreak EX 0.75L

The Primus TrailBreak EX 0.75L which I reviewed on Wild Tide back in June 2017 is an excellent vacuum flask. It’s a brilliant gift for anyone who spends time outdoors be it up a mountain, down the beach or just pottering about in the garden.

I really like the ‘click and close lid’ which allows you to pour or drink straight from the flask with ease. The TrailBreak flask is a very well designed and high quality piece of kit which is sure to give the user years of hot and well earned drinks!


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