Fjallraven Skog Long Sleeve Check Shirt Review

I’m a huge lover of check shirts. They’re really a staple of my wardrobe and it isn’t very often that I’m not wearing one. So when I saw the Fjallraven Skog Shirt, a really nice looking long sleeve shirt by one of my brands Fjallraven, I was dead keen to get one and add it to my plaid collection.

What I love about Fjallraven as a brand is how they always create really functional, durable and timeless outdoor gear and clothing. All of their designs look as good years and years later as they did on the day they were first made – in fact, I find that my Fjallraven gear looks even better after it’s been worn in and used a bit. Fjallraven have a clear desire to encourage people to get outdoors as well as inspire them to look after it – this integrity is another huge selling point for me and something that the majority of clothing brands are lacking.

The Fjallraven Skog Shirt is available in six colours, but I opted for ‘black’ (although it was very close with ‘navy’). The black colour isn’t really very black and contains shades of a muted purple as well as brown. I think it’s a really good looking check pattern and the colours that are available are all very attractive. I especially like mine though as the natural, neutral tones can be worn almost anywhere with almost anything.

This Fjallraven shirt, like you would imagine, is made of really high quality materials. It is a soft, heavy cotton flannel, which makes the check shirt excellent for wearing during cooler weather. However, you can still wear it in a toasty pub without getting overheated! The Skog long sleeved shirt has loads of nice features and little touches. The cuffs have two buttons so you can choose to have them tighter or looser.

On each of the sleeves are buttons so that you can roll them up and then secure them in place. I’m a really keen ‘shirt sleeve roller upper’ and really like this feature. If you’re wearing a shirt when hiking or adventuring, then sleeves rolling down can be quite annoying, but this great feature on this Fjallraven shirt fixes that.

The shirt has two buttoned chest pockets which I find really handy when travelling. I like to keep my money and cards inside these pockets and having them buttoned and on my chest makes them very secure. Another extra little feature, which you don’t often see on shirts, is the pen hole on left hand-side chest pocket (just above the fox logo). This is very discrete and you wouldn’t even know it was there, but could be very handy for people that might wear this shirt to work when needing to write on the move or outdoors.

The shirt has a button-down collar, which keeps it looking smart and enables you to dress this shirt up really well. On the back of the neck there is a hook loop which I quite like as it means I can hang it up easily when on the go. I’ve worn it hiking and travelling but have also worn it out to meals and nights out – I think it looks really good in so many situations. It has a classic styling and the great check means that it’s a very easily adaptable item of clothing.

I really love the Fjallraven Skog long sleeve shirt. It is a real quality garment like you’d expect from Fjallraven. The slim fit and cut of the shirt is awesome and the heavy cotton flannel material is both warm, comfortable and tough. This is not the cheapest of shirts but it’s going to be worth every penny as it’s so well made and hard-wearing!


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