Lifeventure Christmas Gift Guide

With Christmas on the horizon, you may be starting to panic about what to purchase for the outdoor or travel loving adventurer in your life – well have no fear – Wild Tide is here again to recommend some of my favourite tried and tested products from Lifeventure that would make awesome presents this Christmas.

Lifeventure 25L Packable Backpack

The Lifeventure 25L Packable Backpack is an awesome gift for any traveller. It’s easily the most well equipped, packable backpack which I have tested. The pack fits cleverly into its own integral zipped pocket, making it easy to store in a suitcase or if unneeded when travelling.

What really impressed me when I first unpacked the Lifeventure backpack was how much like a regular bag it looked. A lot of packable gear looks thin, weak and unsubstantial but you wouldn’t know that this was a lightweight or packable piece of kit. It is made from ripstop fabric which is both lightweight and durable. Furthermore, it has a PU coating which helps to keep the rain out and is perfect in a short shower.

Another difference between this pack and others is the quantity of pockets. It has two zipped pockets and one large 25 litre compartment. On each side of the backpack there are part-mesh side pockets, which are perfect for bottles and essential for travelling. What is even more is that the pack has a large stretchy pocket and sleeve for stowing larger items, like clothing, quickly on the go.

What is impressive about the Lifeventure 25L Packable Backpack is how comfortable it is to wear for a lightweight pack. The shoulder straps are not only adjustable but are made from a 3D air mesh, which makes them highly breathable and more padded and comfortable than normal bag straps. This backpack is an awesome gift for anyone who likes to take trips away from home and would even make a brilliant early Christmas present to yourself!


Lifeventure Hanging Wash Bag

The Lifeventure Hanging Wash Bag is a great gift for both male and female adventurers. I’ve been using this sort of hanging wash bag for years and think they are awesome for travelling. Sometimes when you are in hostel, home-stays or camping you don’t have much space to put all of your toiletries down when washing and having a washkit which you can hang up and have easy access to.

This Lifeventure washkit has a huge capacity and it could quite easily handle two people’s toiletries for a trip away. It has a huge main compartment and also a rear pocket which is excellent for smaller items like paracetamol or tweezers! Inside there is also another smaller zipped pocket which I use to keep my dental floss and cotton buds in. If that wasn’t enough, there are two larger pockets, one on each side, that gives you a whole range of places to stash all of your toiletries.

A really nice feature of this washkit is how the hanging hook can be stashed away when you’re not using it. My other hanging washkits have only really worked well when hung up, whereas this hanging washkit by Lifeventure stands up well on its own when not hung and the hook can be tucked away so that it doesn’t get in the way when not in use!


Lifeventure Towel

The Lifeventure SoftFibre Words Print Travel Towel is a brilliant travel accessory and gift. What sets it apart from other travel towels is that it has an awesome design on it. It is a map of the entire world which is created using the names of countries – very apt for a travel towel. Although it measures in at 150 x 90cms, it weighs just 280g, making this is a very lightweight travel towel which folds up into a really compact and pack-able bundle.

Lifeventure Travel Towel Swimming

Despite its small size, amazingly it can absorb 9x it’s own weight in water. This makes it great for carrying with you on your adventure. A common problem when on the move is that you don’t want to have to pack up a wet towel. Luckily, this towel dries 8 times faster than a normal beach towel meaning that it is always dry by the time you go to use it again.

Lifeventure Towel


Lifeventure Travel Wallet

The Lifeventure RFiD Bi-Fold Travel Wallet is an awesome accessory for anyone who travels, whether it’s at home or abroad. It is the perfect size, being large enough to hold your passport but still able to fit into the vast majority of trouser and coat pockets. Despite its petite size, it is crammed with clever and useful features. Firstly, it has a water-resistant zip closure; this is very important as when you’re away it will be keeping all of precious monies, cards and documents safe!

Lifeventure RFID Travel Wallet

It is jam-packed with pockets and smart places to store all of your cards, cash and tickets. It features 7 card pockets, a place for your smartphone, a place for your boarding pass, 3 slip pockets for anything else as well as a zip pocket for money etc. It even has a place to stash a small pen or pencil which can be very useful in a pinch.

Another major selling point is that it shields your E-passport and contactless bank cards from radio frequency identification (RFiD) readers. This is awesome as crimes involving stealing information from these sources are greatly rising and it’s fantastic to be protected from identity theft as something like that could really ruin your travels. The Lifeventure Travel Wallet is a brilliant gift that any travel lover will adore.

Lifeventure Travel RFID Wallet


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