Weird Fish Macaroni Sweatshirt – 25 Year Anniversary!

Weird Fish are a brand that I really like for a few reasons: their brand was dreamt up during a walk on my beloved Cornish Coastal Path, they make really funny fish-pun based t-shirts and finally (and most importantly) their casual clothes are incredibly comfortable and brilliant for wearing on walks on the beach! Over the last few years at Wild Tide, I’ve written about several of my Weird Fish hoodies and have a small collection of their garments!

In 2018, to celebrate 25 years since the invention of their famous Macaroni Fabric, Weird Fish have brought back their classic Cruiser 1/4 Zip Macaroni Sweatshirt, which I have in the colour Ecru. It’s an awesome sweatshirt for casual weekends and days by the coast.

I love the story of how Weird Fish came up with their distinctive and trademarked Macaroni fabric. In 1994 (over 25 years ago!), the founders of Weird Fish found neglected knitting machines in a Turkish factory. They saw the potential in these dormant contraptions and used them to create a unique slow-spun, triple-twist fabric. This fabric they called Macaroni due to its distinctive look! What is even better is that it doesn’t ever need to be ironed!

Over the next 25 years, Weird Fish tweaked and improved their fabric, improvements which enhanced its performance. They have even come up with three subgroups: Classic, Tech and Active, all offering different functionality for their wearer. What is exciting is that they haven’t stopped there and are working on the first Green, Organic, Carbon Neutral Macaroni. This is really great news for everyone who cares about living an ethical lifestyle.

Now, to get back to my Cruiser 1/4 Zip Macaroni Sweatshirt. It’s a really cosy sweatshirt and a truly classic design. There are lots of nice touches. The cuffs have a layer of fleece which is really soft and comfortable against your skin. Another great feature is that they have the original fish-shaped zip pull on the 1/4 length zip. I love this touch and along with the Weird Fish embroidered branding on the chest.

Weird Fish make lots of different types of clothing and I have owned garments made in both Macaroni and other fabrics, which are always well-made and well-priced, as well as maintaining a distinctive style that feels as great to wear as it looks. Their strap-line is ‘Wear the Weekend’ and that’s what I always think when I see Weird Fish’s clothes. They evoke that ‘lazy Sunday morning stroll down the beach’ feeling in me and all of their fans across the country.


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