Petromax Deubelskerl Loden Men’s Jacket Review

I’m a huge fan of Petromax and love every piece of their campfire cooking gear that I’ve used, be it their Dutch Oven, Ring Pan, Waffle Iron, Kettle or Portable Hobo Stove. This year Petromax have branched out and have created clothing that lives up to their reputation. I’ve been wearing the Petromax Deubelskerl Loden Jacket recently and will be reviewing it here for you today.

Petromax have taken their love of the outdoors and their ethos of using high quality and natural materials and applied them to a garment which has been designed to be the perfect addition to your adventuring wardrobe. The Deubelskerl Loden Jacket has been designed with Petromax’s customers and their needs in mind.

Probably the most striking feature of this jacket is their Loden fabric which it is made from. Petromax Loden is made in Germany from 100% pure sheep’s wool. This is completely natural and is milled without the use of any additives. It is created using a series of complicated processes: first the wool is spun, after this it is woven and then finally milled. Loden is highly compressed when tamped under water and this gives it some awesome benefits.

As the wool is milled in a way which leaves it dense and strong this makes it spark-resistant. This is really important when it comes to cooking on a campfire as there is nothing worse than burning a hole in your favourite jacket. Most modern insulated and soft or hard-shell coats are especially vulnerable to this.

The Loden fabric won’t just protect you from the fire but also from the elements. It is resistant to wind and water and although water wont bead on the fabric it will keep you nicely dry in a shower. Milled wool is naturally breathable too which means that you’re not going to get hot and sweaty during a long walk or when beside a roaring campfire.

Petromax have made sure that although the coat is made from a heritage fabric it has all the modern design features which you’d want. The cuffs are adjustable on both arms and velcro fastenings enable you to really get the fit right for you. On the bottom hem there is an adjustable cord which lets you tighten the waist and stops unpleasant draughts. On the back of the jacket there is an awesome embroidered Petromax dragon logo as well as on the chest which really completes the look of the Deubelskerl.

The Deubelskerl has got you covered when it comes to pockets too. There are two handy chest pockets which can be opened with one hand, I think these are really great for storing your your essentials like your phone, knife, matches or lighter. Additionally there are two deep side pockets which are even better for stashing your even larger items. All of the pockets are mesh lined which keeps the jacket light.

Without a lining, the Deubelskerl is designed to be worn year round. It’s light enough to wear on a clear summer evening but on cold winter’s nights it is excellent for layering. For example, I really like wearing a thick hoody underneath to keep me warm whilst enjoying the tough and spark-resistant outer of the Loden fabric.

Making it really versatile in all weathers the jacket has a hood which is adjustable in three positions. This along with the high collar protects your head and neck from harsh wind, rain, sleet and snow. The cut of the hood is impeccable and has a really snug active fit that doesn’t flap around in the wind or obscure your view in any way. The rim does a great job of keeping the rain out of your eyes and face.

The Petromax Deubelskerl Loden Jacket is another triumph from the German campfire brand. It’s natural and environmentally friendly Loden material is the perfect fabric for this garment, it is spark-proof, wind and rain resistant. A really importantly feature for something you’re going to be wearing near an open fire is that it is odour resistant, when I read about this to be quite honest I was sceptical but in reality, it really does stop that smokey smell lingering as much as other fabrics.

The jacket itself works perfectly when out in the wilderness, whether it be hiking, camping and especially when cooking on a campfire – where it is completely at home. Although the fabric itself is definitely the star of the show, the smart features like adjustable cuffs and waist, well designed pockets and ergonomic hood really make this coat a winner. It has an incredibly well-cut active fit and looks awesome.


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