Christmas Gift Guide For An Outdoor Adventurer

It’s got to that time of year again, be prepared to start rushing around panic-buying presents for your loved ones. Never fear however, as Wild Tide is here to help you out with a few items that would suit the outdoor adventurer in your life. If you find this Christmas gift guide useful, you might like to check out my previous Christmas gift guides here.


Nalgene Everyday 1 Litre Wide Mouth Water Bottle

The Nalgene Everyday 1 Litre Wide Mouth Water Bottle is the only water bottle that you will ever need. They are incredibly tough and never leak – not a single drop! As you can see from my old scarred green Nalgene compared to my new spare red one, they can easily survive even the roughest drops and bangs on any surface.

I’ve had mine for years and have taken it all around the world. It’s been to over 20 countries in Europe and been as far as Vietnam. Not only this but it’s been to the top of the highest mountain in Slovakia, Slovenia, England and Wales.

On the side are markings which show how much water you have drunk or have left. This can be very useful when hiking to ensure you stay well hydrated or when you’re off the beaten track, when water may be scarce. At under £10, they are great stocking fillers for any outdoor lover or adventurer. The recipient will surely be chuffed with such a useful and tough piece of kit. For information on stockists check out First Ascent.

(Disclaimer – these photos were taken in the Eden Project not a real rain forest!)


MPowerd Unisex’s Luci Solar String Lights

MPowerd Unisex’s Luci Solar String Lights are a brilliant camping gadget and are a permanent fixture in my camping box. These lights have been designed very cleverly in a way which makes them ideal for camping trips in the great outdoors. They can be charged from the sun using the solar power panel on them or they can be pre-charged at home using USB. This is very useful when camping in England where the sun is unfortunately not always very reliable.

What is great about the Luci Solar String Lights is that it charges in just 16 hours in direct sunlight, or if you are in a rush can fully charge in a mere 6-8 hours when plugged in using the a USB cable. What is even better is that it has three power modes, low, medium and high and lasts up to 20 hours on low mode. On high mode it has a 100 lumen output which will light up your camp nicely using 10 dual direction LED nodes (each node has two lights inside!).

Luci has a battery level indicator which lets you see how much charge is left and allows you to recharge the lights when they’re in need. The solar panel can even be used to recharge your phone or other gadgets which is really handy. One of my favourite features of the Mpowerd Luci solar string lights is the way the string lights wrap around inside the main solar unit. This makes it really easy to store and transport; lots of string lights end up in a horrible tangle but this handy feature stops this from happening. For information on stockists check out First Ascent.


Fire Dragon Compact Foldable Burner

The Fire Dragon Compact, Foldable Burner is an excellent stocking filler for any outdoor lover. This pocket sized piece of cooking gear measures in at just 8.4 x 11.4 x 2.6 cm. This makes it perfect for travelling, hiking, backpacking as well as just little trips out and about.

It is super compact and you can actually fit a small supply of the excellent, foodsafe and eco friendly Fire Dragon solid fuel blocks inside it, as well as the included windbreak and a lighter to get the thing started! One fire block will burn for almost 10 minutes which is long enough to cook a meal, boil water or melt some chocolate and smores!

I team the Fire Dragon Compact with the equally small and mighty: Go Travel Mini Floodlight. These two products both pack a whacking great punch in a pocket sized package and with a pocket money price tag, I’d highly recommend both!


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