Tilley Classic Winter Hat In Harris Tweed Review

I’ve got a Tilley T3 Wandered Hat which is awesome for keeping your face in the shade and your head cool in hot, sunny weather. So what are your options for colder weather and climates? Well you could wear a beanie or bobble hat to keep your head warm but they’re not going to keep you shaded from the rain or look sophisticated like a real hat.

That’s why today I’m going to be reviewing the Tilley Classic Winter Hat In Harris Tweed. This is a class, piece of winter headgear which is perfect for cold weather walks in the dead of winter, rain, wind or snow.

The first and most striking feature of this Tilley Hat is its material. It is made from a beautiful, warm authentic ‘Harris Tweed’ which is finished and spun in the Outer Hebrides. To be classed as genuine Harris Tweed it has to have been “hand-woven by the islanders at their home in the Outer Hebrides and made from pure virgin wool dyed and spun in the Outer Hebrides”.

As a fabric, Harris Tweed is about as good as it gets when it comes to outdoor and country style. It has a timeless, classic look which stands out as well as fitting in. It looks great everywhere as it can be dressed up as well as being dressed down.

Just like with my Tilley T3 Wandered Hat the Tilley Classic Winter Hat In Harris Tweed has a sneaky little secret pocket in the top of the hat which gives you some extra storage and a place to keep valuables safe.

Another really ingenious feature is the discreet ear warmer which can be pulled down on especially cold days. It is light enough to tuck up inside the hat when not needed without being uncomfortable or even noticed.

However, on especially biting days it can be used to keep your ears and the back of your head warm. It fits snugly around your ears and the back of your noggin, it keeps the wind off and does an impressive job of insulating your ears and keeping you warm.

The brim is 2 5/8” at the front; 2 ¾” at the back and 2 1/8” on the sides. This brim is perfect for the winter months as it naturally repels rain and snow away from your face. I really think that this is much more of a barrier to the elements than a small brim on a hood.

In conclusion, the Tilley Classic Winter Hat In Harris Tweed is an awesome addition to your winter wardrobe. Not only is it stylish and sophisticated but it is also very useful and does the job of sheltering your poor noggin from the elements very well. The addition of the optional ear warmer makes it a fantastic and a more classy alternative to the winter bobble hat. This is really the sort of hat you could wear in many situations – no matter what the weather throws at you!


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