Fjallraven Men’s Canada Wool Padded Jacket Review

My love of Fjallraven is widely documented here on Wild Tide so I didn’t take much persuasion to test out the men’s Fjallraven Canada Wool Padded Jacket. This is a padded shirt style mid-layer jacket that is perfect for throwing over the top of your outfit on chilly days or layering up on really cold days.

It has an awesome classic lumberjack style which is truly timeless. I don’t think there is a more perfect garment for wearing in the great outdoors, especially when wandering through woodland or exploring forests. The Canada Wool padded jacket is a thicker, warmer version of their Canada Shirt and is a really useful crossover between a thick shirt and a proper jacket – very useful during all seasons!

If you’ve ever owned anything made by Fjallraven, you’ll testify that all of their gear is built to last; they use the toughest materials to create their hard lasting designs. The Canada Wool Padded Jacket is no exception as Fjallraven have reinforced the shoulders, elbows and pocket flap for extra durability. They have done this with their incredible G-1000 Eco fabric. I have this same fabric on a couple of my Fjallraven packs and can testify to how hardy it really is.

As well as being really practical and durable the reinforced shoulders and elbows look really cool. I especially like how the extra layer spans the full width across the shoulders and gives the Canada Wool Padded jacket a strong and masculine look.

One of the defining parts of the jacket’s design is the materials that it has been crafted in. The plaid jacket itself is made from a soft, comfortable and cosy flannel made from a wool and polyester blend. What’s even better is this wool and polyester are actually recycled – giving the jacket environmental credentials. Between the flannel and the lining there is a warm layer of padding which is made from selected Swedish wool and PLA (an artificial plastic material) from corn starch.

The jacket has one chest pocket and two hand pockets, all have simple poppers to keep them secure and closed as well as keeping the lines of the jacket clean. All of the poppers, on the main fastenings and pockets, on the Canada Wool Padded jacket have the really cool Fjallraven Fox logo which is a great little addition of detail.

To sum up the men’s Fjallraven Canada Wool Padded Jacket, it’s an incredibly well made garment which does the tricky job of being both cool and stylish whilst working hard as a usable and rugged outdoor jacket. Fjallraven’s high quality materials and attention to detail make this a timeless piece of clothing which is as perfect for wearing on a post roast walk as it is for wearing whilst chopping up logs or building a campfire. I’d highly recommend it to anyone who is after a versatile item of clothing which can be worn in all manner of seasons and for all kinds of purpose.


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