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As Noel Gallagher of the rock’n’roll band Oasis once said, New York is the centre of the universe. Given that astrophysicist and all-round TV legend professor Brian Cox tells us that the big bang happened all around us because we are an inflation of that first moment of time (not an expansion), Mr Wonderwall is sort of right. If you’re visiting the centre of the universe for the first time, you’re probably thinking that you want to see some of the guidebook sights like the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, and maybe spend a moment paying your respects at the Ground Zero memorial. All noble choices. But that’s not what we’re going to be peddling here.

Travelling is a serious matter, however, so before we get started, a word or two of advice. Always keep your passport in a safe place, and always carry the number of your country’s embassy in case your passport goes missing. You may also want to consider researching a lawyer in case of personal injury – see here for a personal injury lawyer.


Get to the Guggenheim

The Guggenheim is an art museum, designed to be a piece of art itself. You can check out a host of temporary exhibitions, but the real draw for this place (and what makes it a guidebook gem) is its collection of works from artists you’ve read about but never but never had a chance to explore their works in the flesh. Like who? You ask? Well. there’s Picasso. Vincent Van Goph. Kandinsky. Pollock. Manet. Gaugin. The list is seemingly endless. With the central rotunda and spiral walkway housing all manner of works and performance art, this is once place that can explode your insta to life with a thousand interesting photos that you just can’t replicate anywhere else in the world.


Metropolitan Opera House

This is a night out you’ll never forget. This is the place where Cinderella’s dreams are fulfilled. Red velvet sweeping staircases. Golden ceilings. Sparkling lights above. Choose the show that most takes your fancy and sit back for an out of this world experience in a truly unique setting – the venue even caters for younger crowds, with Friday-under-40s nights (yes, under 40s, the age restriction for seats is capped at 39 years of age, meaning the shows are a little more tailored towards a youthful crowd wanting something different to the typical opera experience).


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