This is for all you Sea Dogs out there, this is crammed full of interesting reads about Fishing, Kayaking, Snorkelling, Spearfishing, SUP, Surfing and anything else on or around the water.

Savagear Sandeel a Tackle Box Must Have

These soft lures are deadly to all predatory fish. I often catch Bass and Pollock on them and even a John Dory earlier this year. They have a fantastic swimming action and come in two sizes 12.5cm/23g and 16cm/42g. I mainly use the small size which are great for spinning from the shore and the kayak, from the kayak they also work very well when trolling. The large ones can do all the same but are really good for vertical…

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Lovely Cornish Light

Is the light in Cornwall different to other places? Is that even physically possible? You decide!  

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How to wax a surfboard…

Thought i’d do a quick post with my technique. Get a wax comb and clean all that used, old wax off your board. Lay down a good layer of basecoat wax. This layer is a harder more durable layer which will stay with the board until you next completely rewax it. You need something hard like a warm water wax for a base. There are loads of different way to put the wax on the board. I generally go for…

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