How to wax a surfboard…

Thought i’d do a quick post with my technique.

  1. Get a wax comb and clean all that used, old wax off your board.
  2. Lay down a good layer of basecoat wax. This layer is a harder more durable layer which will stay with the board until you next completely rewax it. You need something hard like a warm water wax for a base.
  3. There are loads of different way to put the wax on the board. I generally go for a diagonal hatch or psycho approach and just go in any direction I feel like. You’ll find your preferred way after a while. Keep going until you get some good bumps, it may take a while and a fair bit of wax.
  4. Now you need you top coat. This is a softer, stickier, tackier wax that will stick to your feet much better. So for this you need a cool/cold water wax. Use the same technique that you used for the basecoat and get those bumps nice and humpin.
  5. You are good to go! Have fun.

surf mr zogs wax

Oh, to keep your board waxed to perfection. You are going to need to add a bit more wax every time you surf (this is to make up for the wax that flakes up or get stuck to your boots or suit.) Also if the wax starts to look flat, you will need to use the spikey comb side of your wax comb to rough it back up again.

wax surfboard mr zogs


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