Road Trip To Thorpe Park

My girlfriend the T4 and I recently took a road trip up to Thorpe Park. It was an awesome day, we met up with some of my friends who were Theme Park regulars and were able to act as our guides and make sure we got the most out of our day.

We managed to go on all the big rides at least once, often then queing up to go again in the front seats. My favourite rides were:

  • Stealth – 0-80mph in 2 seconds, it was definitely worth queuing up for the front seats on this one.
  • Saw – I enjoyed the que just as much as the ride as it was made to look like a set from the horror movie franchise.
  • Colossus – 10 loops = massive fun.
  • Swarm – I really liked the apocalyptic set design around this ride. Smashed helicopters, ambulances and lorries.
  • Whale Rodeo – Fun for all the family!

Thorpe Park RollercoastersThorpe ParkThorpe Park Thorpe Park Thorpe Park


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