Ultimate Man Cave Part 1


Every single day, literally no people say to me; “Mike, what would be in your ultimate Man Cave?”

Well i’m getting pretty sick and tired of this constant request, so I thought I’d best do a series of posts spilling the beans. So here you go, BOOM:

  • All Man Caves must contain a Chesterfield. Easily the most manly sofa and superior to all other ways of sitting down. Putting it simply, its the Magnum P.I. of furniture.
  • Bankers Lamp – high grade sophistication in lamp form.
  • Pool table – A Man Cave without a pool table is like fish without chips, beans without toast, a spoonful of Ben and Jerrys without another 7 spoonfuls afterwards. Need I say more.
  • One of those globes that the top opens up of and you keep all your booze inside – You know when the top of Tracy Island lifts off and Thunderbird 1 launches out. Its like that. But alcoholic.
  • Hidden Safe – Oh that’s a lovely old oil painting on your wall. Wait no it isn’t. That’s just a beautifully painted facade with a hidden safe behind it. Cool.

Ultimate man cave part 1

Click here for Part Two


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