Tops Tips for Wildlife Photography

Taking photos of animals in the wild is not easy. Now i’m no expert but i’ve taken a few photos and thought i’d share somethings i’ve learnt along the way.


1. Take loads of photos. The joy of digital photography is that all the photos you take are free. So why not taken hundred! I literally took hundreds of photos when I was out snapping this pheasant.


2. Get down low. Photos off look better if you’re at the same level as your subject.


3. Maximise your chances. I had this blackbird flying round my garden and I wanted to get a good photos of him. I noticed he was looking for food. So I went and dug up some worms. I got my camera all set up ready to go, put the worms down where I wanted him.


4. Get up early and stay out late. The light is much better at dawn and dusk, also lots of animals are more active at these times.


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