The Cornish Riviera and Vintage Seaside Shopping

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I’ve been getting a bit of a move on with my Christmas shopping and today I’m going to tell you about one of the best presents I’ve bought so far. You’ve got to promise not to tell anyone though (it’s a secret). Okay, now you’re sworn to secrecy, I’ll tell you all about it.

A lover of the vintage seaside style, the recipient is going to be over the moon with this colourful vintage-look deckchair from Deckchair Stripes. The Cornish Riviera and retro seaside are super trendy at the moment, In shops I’m always seeing things with old rail posters, beach huts etc on them. I really love it all, it harks back to a time where national travel was a lot more glamorous. A trip from London to Cornwall wasn’t a cheap weekend away or a tedious train journey; it was an adventure, something exciting, something to write postcards about, something altogether different from today.


Deckchairs have a design as old as time and when you look at one you can see why it has stayed this way. It’s a simple piece of furniture but works perfectly. Differing notches in the legs allow you to recline it with ease. You can sit up straight and read a book or you can lie back and have a sleep (knotted handkerchief may be required). This deckchair is clearly a quality item which you can see just from looking at it. The frame is constructed from super sturdy, hardwood and the fabric is top notch, brightly designed canvas made from 100% cotton.


This Deckchair was an easy present to choose, not only does it evoke all the memories of times past but it looks awesomely cool and is extremely practical. I know during the summer months this will get a lot of use down at the beach and in the garden. What makes it even better is that there is a really large selection of different fabrics to choose from. They range from simpler more traditional fabrics to more modern, jazzy and colourful options. As you can see, I went for a nice bright one, that they will be able to spot from across the beach!



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