White Water Kayaking Essentials

Whether it’s rivers or surf you’re into paddling; there are just some pieces of gear that you can’t do without! Here is my brief run down of what I always pack into the van. What makes kayaking in white water so fun is that it’s thrilling and a little bit dangerous. In order to minimise the risk and maximise the fun, most of this gear is designed to keep you safe and dry when you’re out on the water.

white water kayak gear
1. Helmet – This is one of the items I’d never dream of wearing when kayak fishing. However, if i’m going to be in white water, where It could be shallow and there is a real possibilty of me getting flipped, I’d have the thing stuck to my head for sure. Check out the 2nd half of this post for what I look for in a helmet.

2. Kayak – I probably didn’t need to include this one. What can I say, I’m a completist.

3. Paddle – Again this one’s pretty obvious but at least once a year I forget my paddle.

4. Spray Deck – This is goes snugly around your waist and connects to your kayak, creating a water tight seal. A spray deck stops the inside of your kayak filling up with water, when a wave or splash comes over the top. If you’re having fun then this is going to happen a lot so you definitely need one!

5. Spray Top – Basically a spray to is a waterproof jacket. Normally these have big rubber seals around the neck and cuffs which stop water seeping inside. I think it’s definitely worth the money investing in a good one as this will keep you warm, dry and comfortable.

6. Buoyancy Aid – A complete essential. You need a buoyancy aid so that in the event of an accident you’ve got a little more help staying afloat. A buoyancy aid is different to a life jacket, because it only helps you to stay afloat whereas a life jacket will keep you a float even if you are unconscious.

Kayak helmet

What to look for in a kayak helmet…

I’ve recently got this kayak helmet by Breakout. It’s an awesome helmet and has all the main features I look for when buying one. As this brain bucket could really save your life I thoroughly recommend buying a good one.

  • A very strong shell with an foam impact absorption line which will keep your noggin safe.
  • The size can be adjusted by an easy to use rear ratchet dial strap.
  • Further more you can adjust the chin strap so that it sits just right.
  • Lastly it has comfortable ear protectors which can be removed if you wish.

Kayak helmet features

Check out these awesome videos of white water action:


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