Wisport Pathfinder Shoulder Bag Review

If you like adventures and traversing wild terrain like this…

Cornwall North Coast Cliffs
…you can often find that the regular kit isn’t quite tough enough. That’s why people like Wisport make bags like this Pathfinder Shoulder Bag. My friends and I regularly explore the North coast and climb down, past the coastal path before clambering down the cliffs to fish. This bag is perfect for that as it has an adjustable waist belt, which stops it rocking around when you’re walking and adventuring, this waist belt is also removable for the times that you don’t need that added security.

When we got down to the water’s edge it was really apparent how great the conditions were for fishing. As well as a gorgeous sunset we also had lots of swirling white water, perfect for bass fishing. On the front and sides of the bag there are MOLLE panels. I didn’t know what these were or what you used them for but have now discovered they are for the sort of attachments that the NATO forces use on their gear for adding extra storage pockets.

The Pathfinder Shoulder Bag has a rubberized coating on the inside and a large waterproof flap which is secured with Velcro and buckles. You can fit loads in the main compartment, I got a whole ton of fishing gear in there. My tackle box, reel, knife, priest, snacks, as well as loads of spare lures and extras. One of my favourite features is the water resistance, padded laptop case. This can be easily removed as it is held in place by velcro. I really liked how secure it feels but also how it is easily removed for those occasions when you wont be taking a laptop on your adventure.

Under the flap are even more pockets and compartments which were really handy for keeping all my different pieces of fishing gear separate and organised. It’s really important that when you’re in a rush you can put your hand on what you need quickly. We fished the coast furiously for bass, hopping from rock to rock, plugging away, but sadly we had no luck. After a couple of hours I switched to a dexter wedge in order to cast out into the far water in search of summer mackerel. On my first cast I had a hard hit and immediately shouted the obligatory “fish on” as I reeled in, my friend clearly wanted a piece of the action. I told him where to find my spare wedges in my shoulder bag and within a minute he had the lure on the line, cast out and had caught his own mackerel super.

Using a shoulder bag when fishing was new to me but I really enjoyed it. Having the bag on my back enabled me to jump around the coast, constantly moving to new locations and fishing with new techniques. What made the shoulder bag much better than other bags was that I could pull the bag forward and round to my front, this let me access all my lures and gear without having to faff around removing the bag from my back.

The Pathfinder Shoulder Bag is a versatile and hard wearing bag that would be brilliant in a whole array of situations and terrain. Although I used it for fishing it would be great for bush-craft day trips, walking, the beach, city exploring and almost any adventure you can imagine.



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