VW Jamboree Stithians 2014 – A Great Place To Review the New Olloclip

I’ve recently bought myself a new Olloclip 3-in-1 for my iPhone 5c. You may remember back last year I wrote a review for my 4s Olloclip, I thought it was a great, simple, easy way to get really cool photos on your iphone. Fortunately, the Olloclip for the 5c is just the same. I’ve already given this new Olloclip a good test and it lives upto its predecessors. The photos are all equally awesome.

There are just a couple differences between this and my old one. Firstly, it’s available in a range of colours to suit whatever shade of 5c you have – brilliant! Secondly, there is now one less macro lens, they’ve ditched the 15x and stuck with just the 10x. This didn’t bother me in the slightest because I never used the 15x anyway. If you look back at my last review you’ll see that 10x macro is more than enough. They have also kept the wide angle and the fish eye lenses. Although the wide angle works perfectly and creates photos equal to my last Olloclip, for me it’s all about the fish eye lens (as you may have noticed by lots of my posts recently) The fish has about a 180 Degree field-of-view and can produce some awesome photos. I like lots of people take the majority of photos not on my normal camera but on my phone, so having an easy way of improving them and adding a new dynamic is brilliant.

As it was the 2014 VW Jamboree at Stithians last weekend, I thought what better place to test out the new Olloclip than at their Show and Shine, by photographing some of the best dubs around. Despite the weather being absolutely rubbish I managed to snap some great photos, check out the results:

It wouldn’t be a VW show without some super low beetles, the camber on some of the cars rear wheels was totally crazy and really awesome.
vw jamboree stithians 2014 low beetle

If I was ever lucky enough to get a second car I’d love it to be something like this Golf.
vw jamboree stithians 2014 golf

I love the care, love and detail that people put into classic dubs like splitties.
vw jamboree stithians 2014 splitty (2)

The hammock on this van was hung on poles which extended out from the roof rack. Sweet.
vw jamboree stithians 2014 Splitty

vw jamboree stithians 2014 pig caddy

At last a couple of T4 photos. This one was called Vanboo and had a full bamboo interior as well the first ever set of bamboo sidebars that I’ve seen in my life.
vw jamboree stithians 2014 T4 Bamboo

You wouldn’t ever loose this bright orange T4 in a car park and you definitely wouldn’t want to. It was of such a high standard and totally mint condition.
vw jamboree stithians 2014 T4


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