Leather Travel Bag by Fur, Feather and Fin – A Review

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Often on our weekends and especially over Christmas, my girlfriend and I go away from home to visit our family and friends around the country, sometimes away for a few days at a time. Over the last few months, we’ve been all over the South West, to Bristol, Torbay, Exeter, Plymouth and Bath. I recently got this Leather Travel Bag by Fur, Feather and Fin, I really like it and thought I’d take some time to review it and tell you all about it; As a handy travel bag like this is a must for every household.

Leather Bag Contents

I’ve got the larger version of this overnight bag. With its length at 20″, height at 12″ and width at 10″, it is fit for purpose. It is so roomy and spacious inside, I was able to pack a few days worth of clothes and still have space for a variety of essentials- clothes, wash bag, chargers and a camera. You can see on my bed what I was able to pack away in it. Several sets of clothes, my new Rohan coat, a party game called Bucket of Doom (which I’m loving) and even a Klean Kanteen Growler. It’s definitely large enough to take away for the best part of a week.

Leather Bag

Inside is a useful large zipped pocket, so I stored smaller items with ease (and could actually find them again). On the other side of the inside is two slots which work perfectly for items such as, ipods, wallets and phones. The storage doesn’t stop there and there are two zipped pockets on either side of the outside too, and although I wasn’t leaving the country, this would be the perfect place to store travel documents with its easy access and large design.

Leather Bag Inside Pocket
The bag itself is made from the best quality leather which gives it a really stylish look. The colour is classic brown with a tint of red leather and the smell is what it’s all about. I don’t care if I look crazy, I’ve been sniffing it like a mad man. The inside lining is made from strong cotton and the corners and base have been reinforced, giving me the confidence that this bag will last for years to come. With a price tag of almost £200 you can be assured that it is still very good value for money and you are buying something that will last and will age well.

Leather Bag Inside Pockets

The fact it has two sizes of handles, with the large strap able to effortlessly be disconnected from the bag, makes this ideal to take anywhere. You can use the chunky carry handles to pick the bag up and move it about and the large shoulder strap to carry your back longer distances. I was really impressed with the little brass feet the bag has, which helped keep the base clean and free from any scuffs from the floor.

Leather Bag Handle
This real leather Travel Bag by Fur, Feather and Fin is very luxurious and stylish and made with such quality. It’s been complimented on by everyone and can be used by women and men, whatever their style – it’s really universal. I’m very thankful I had this bag with me on all my recent travels and I’m sure she will accompany me on many more in the future! Keep your eyes peeled for it in up and coming posts.

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