A Beginner’s Guide: Must Haves For A Good Hike


For a healthy body, it is necessary to follow some sort of exercise regime. For this very reason, people get involved in different awesome outdoor activities. One of them which is comparatively easier to get into is hiking, this is because it requires little gear and can be done almost anywhere. If you have the enthusiasm to enjoy nature and have a pair of good athletic shoes, you can get started on your hiking adventure any time. If you are planning short hiking trips then you will not need many things, but once you get serious, there are certain essentials that you need to have for a successful hiking trip.

So here in this post, I have shared some hiking essentials that you must have with you when you go on hikes.

When you go on hiking, carry some trail mix with you. You don’t want to get hungry and you need to keep that body of yours pumped full of energy! Tasty almonds, cashews, walnuts, dried fruits, etc are perfect, hiking snacks. You can create your own mix or else buy them directly from a shop.

Never underestimate the amount of water your body will need when you are active outdoors, especially when hiking. It’s good practice to carry at least 2 litres of water. I’d much rather have water left over than run out half way through the day. If you are going on an full day hiking adventure or longer, you could even take a device to filter water for you such as a Water-to-Go Bottle.

If you are planning to hike in the winter or in a mountainous region, you need to know that temperatures can fluctuate in and drops very quickly. Going for layers is the best option as you can add or remove them depending on the temperature. You really need to opt for a waterproof jacket as you never know when a sneaky shower might come (even in the summer). You can buy good jackets at a good price by using a Trespass discount code. In the winter I would always carry a thermal blanket with me as they are light weight and don’t take up much space. As a bit of a luxury, a hand warmer is another way to make your cold weather hike a bit more comfortable.

Hiking boots
It is true that you can go hiking in your old pair of trainers. But, if you’re going any real distance, I’d always recommend a good pair of hiking boots. They give better grip, good ankle support, waterproofing and will stop you getting as many blisters. Wearing normal shoes increases the chance of twisting your ankle when you are walking on a rocky surface. Really trainers should be used for what they’re designed for, playing sport and hiking boots for, well, hiking. Get your pair of shoes for your adventure at a very good rate by using a Nike Promo Code for 2016.

A Map
If you are on a hiking adventure in a new and exciting place, you will definitely need to have a map for proper navigation. If you’re the old fashioned type, you can carry a paper map and compass. Today, most of us modern folk have smartphones and so you can find a number of apps that will help you with navigation. So however you choose to do it, get something for yourself and use it. You don’t want to go off track and get lost.

First aid kit
This is pretty self explanatory, you can get a travel first aid kit from a shop and carry it with you. It will come in handy if any mishap occurs and could even save a life! (or at least plaster a cut finger)

If you happen to get lost or stuck out in the dark whilst hiking, you will soon realize that there is little fun left. So for better, carry a torch as could come in very handy. If you’re one of the outdoor techie types, you can also have a flashlight app installed on your smartphone. However for the more practical, a waterproof torch is a much better option.

Most of the gear I’ve mentioned in this piece will be enough for you on a normal hike. In case you have any health condition, please don’t forget to take your medication with you. Some people also take trekking poles with them, this is not necessary on a casual walk, but if you do take them with you then at least you will look like you know what you’re doing!

So, pack up your backpack and start on a hiking adventure as soon as possible. Trust me, you will really love it!

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