Christmas Gifts for Outdoor Adventurers Part One

I’m making life easy for you this Christmas by giving you a two part list of great gift ideas for the adventure loving man or woman in your life. I’ve tried to come up with off piste ideas that you might not have considered already. I hope you find this and the second part (coming soon) useful!

Timeline British History

As you may have read in a couple of my other posts, I really like the Timeline series of games. They are compact, well priced, sociable, lightly educational, expandable and most importantly – fun! These would make excellent stocking fillers as they’re cheap and small. My favourite edition had been movies and music but I think it may now be; Timeline British History Card Game.

What I really like about this one is that it’s great for helping you learn a bit more about the history of Britain. This is a subject I’m really interested in but fairly uninformed about at the moment. I’m hoping that it’s going to improve my pub quiz performance!

Timeline: British History works the same as the other editions and takes the form of 110 British History themed cards. You all then take it in turns to place your cards down in sequence and create a timeline. If you are unable to put your card in the correct slot on the timeline then you must pick up a new card. The first person to correctly place all of their cards is the winner. It’s as simple as that.

Any of the Timeline editions would make a great gift for the traveller or explorer as they’re lightweight, small and great to take away with you. If you’re the sort of person that likes meeting new people, then it’s great for you as it’s really easy to learn and teach. Within minutes everyone I’ve introduced to the game has totally got it.


Casemade Leather Phone Case

Casemade leather iPhone cases and leather iPad Air Case make great presents. I’m always a fan of anything practical and useful as well as stylish. I own both a case for my iPhone as well as a case for our iPad so I can vouch for the quality of these cases.

Casemade use genuine Italian cowhide leather to craft their cases. Furthermore, their cases feature a clever in-built magnetic closure which allows for the outer cover of the case to be secured to your iPhone’s screen. This is essential as the screen is the most fragile and vulnerable part of the gadget. I really love the quality of materials used by Casemade. Obviously the leather is beautiful and the highlight of the case, but even the plastic mould which holds your phone or tablet is made from soft touch plastic.

Their cases have everything you’d want and expect with apertures for charging, audio sockets, cameras etc. The phone case is nicely designed for holding credit cards, ID and some folded notes. Our Ipad case has a stylish fold, which you can use to make the case support itself and allow for easier typing or viewing the screen – great for watching films or using Facetime.



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