Fjallraven Övik Scandinavian Sweater Review

Fjallraven Jumper
The Fjallraven Övik Scandinavian Sweater is the men’s version of the Fjallraven ladies Ovik Sweater which Vicky reviewed last month. She absolutely loves her Ovik Sweater and I am so happy to have one of my own too (although we have to make sure we don’t wear them both at the same time).

Jumper Ovik Fjallraven
This sweater is knitted from a very soft wool blend. Wool is a fantastic natural material and even though it looks rustic and comfy it actually performs like a technical garment. The wool wicks moisture away from your body which will keep you feeling comfotable and means you don’t need to keep taking the sweater off. Another amazing quality of wool is that it warms even when it is damp. I think this is especially important in the UK over the winter months as it will be wet pretty much every day!

Ovik Jumper Fjallraven
The astute amongst you will notice that it’s actually a wool blend. This means that the sweater is made from 80% wool and 20% polyamide, which is really great as the polyamide adds extra durability and ensures that this is a sweater you’ll be able to wear for years.

Ovik Fjallraven Jumper
I was amazed how soft and comfortable this jumper really is. I have found wool sweaters somewhat itchy in the past but Fjallraven have definitely perfected them. It’s a real quality item and has not only been designed in Sweden but actually knitted there too.

It’s incredible that I’ve been able to get this far through this review for the Fjallraven Övik Scandinavian Sweater without mentioning its looks. The lower half is a fantastic dark navy blue, where as the upper section around the shoulders is a natural cream, wool colour. This cream section is knitted in a slight different Nordic Jacquard pattern.

Fjallraven Jumper Ovik
Separating the upper and lower, there is a really cool design that goes around the chest. This looks really Scandinavian and gives the sweater a brilliant winter feel. What I like most about this jumper is that it has this winter feel without looking like a ‘Christmas Jumper’; you could happily wear this in October or March without looking out of place. There are further nice details in the knit around the round neckline and ribbed cuffs.

Jumper Fjallraven Ovik
In this knitted sweater, Fjallraven have created a beautifully patterned mid layer for autumn and winter’s colder days. I really love wearing this jumper, be it curled up on the sofa, watching the waves crashing on the shore, sat in the pub or taking a woodland walk.

Fjallraven Jumper Ovik Navy


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