Didriksons Celine Women’s Parka Review

Just under two years ago, I got the Edge Women’s Jacket by Didriksons, which I have been wearing non-stop since then. As I mentioned previously in that review, Didriksons always create such great quality clothing, so I decided, as the weather was getting pretty wet and cold, it was time for something even thicker and suitable for this climate. Obviously, Didriksons was the first choice for this.

The Women’s Celine Parka by Didriksons is such a fantastic coat, which has loads of brilliant features. After walking along the Cornish cliffs over the Christmas period, I was so thankful I had been wearing this coat. It is thick and windproof as it uses their technical STORMsystem fabric which completely blocks out the elements. This parka jacket is so effective, the wind literally cannot get in and therefore, it is just so warm to wear.

Not only is it windproof, the fabric also provides 100% wet weather coverage. This technical material is a dream. It is environmentally friendly and has a water proof finish. When the outer material gets wet, you can see the beads of water forming, proving how waterproof it really is. What is even better about the coat is that it has taped seams – yet another excellent feature to give even more protection from the wind and rain.

My absolute favourite part of the coat has to be the hood. It has a detachable large fur trim so gives the whole coat a stylish, modern look and is very practical. This hood is generous, so covers the whole head very well and provides even more protection from the wind, rain and the cold. My hair stays completely dry as not only does it cover well, it also has the same fabric as the main body of the coat.

Due to the protective peak on the hood and the adjustable strap at the back of it, the hood never blows back in the wind. There are actually two ways to adjust the fit of the hood- one strap is velcro so can be easily pulled and stuck in place. The second is an elastic toggle, which can be stretched and set to create the perfect fit. The hood is well designed to provide maximum protection. Being adjustable means that I can ensure the hood sits perfectly on the head and it really does help to keep me warm all the time, whatever the weather.

The whole coat has a variety of adjustable cords throughout. This ensures it fits brilliantly, regardless of how many layers I wear underneath. I love the adjustable hem around the waist, as this pulls the coat in, giving a more fitted look. However, as it is a parka-style coat, it looks great with a more relaxed fit too. Around the bottom is another cord, again giving it so much versatility when wearing it.

The cuffs have adjustable velcro straps, just like on the hood, which is another feature to stop the rain, wind and even snow going up the sleeves. To provide even more protection, inside the sleeves there are elasticated cuffs with thumb holes. I love these as they help to keep my hands warmer. Inside the coat there is an inner stash pocket- great for storing a phone, wallet or any other smaller item. For more storage, there are also two useful, large pockets at the front which have protective material flaps, plus there are two zipped pockets on both sides of the chest.

There is a full-length, two-way zip at the front, which goes all the way up to the chin. It is covered by a protective storm flap which has popper buttons to keep it in place and provides even more waterproofing. I really love the fact the coat has the same material throughout to offer the same standard of protection all over. It is available in four colours but I opted for the navy colour as this looks great in all situations and wont show any marks unlike lighter shades.

As you can see, this lined, sporty Didriksons Celine parka is just great. It has so many amazing features, with protection from the elements being key. It does exactly what it says it will do and more. It looks great, ensures I stay very warm and always remain dry. A coat like this is definitely an investment but is well worth every penny and due to the quality, will last for years to come.



  1. keith paine
    February 16, 2018 / 9:08 pm

    Brilliant. Many thanks for your insight. Looks great and practical too.

  2. Jennifer Van der padt
    October 3, 2018 / 9:04 pm

    I am thinking about buying a didriksons coat, but they feel so thin that i am afraid I will be cold in the winter. Reading your review was very helpfull. But i still wanted to ask what you think about this.

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