Columbia Women’s Altitude Aspect Hooded Fleece Jacket Review

After sorting through my winter clothes, I realised I didn’t own a decent hoodie so decided to check out what Columbia had to offer. As you may have read previously, I love Columbria…everything I have got from them has just been of a fantastic quality. I found the ideal hoodie and at an good price too considering its features. This was the Columbia Women’s Altitude Aspect Hooded Fleece Jacket.

As soon as it arrived, I wanted to wear it. The hoodie is soft on the outside with a fleecy lining on the inside, plus the material has this four-way stretch which helps give it the comfort I was looking for. It really is cosy to wear and has quite a relaxed fit, so is the perfect item for those casual occasions like when travelling or out for a walk.

Not only is the jacket comfortable to wear, as with all of Columbia’s products, there is an excellent technical side to it. The material is abrasion resistant as well as being treated to resist rain. I was sceptical about the rain resistance but in action it works really well. Rain drops bead on the surface of the hoodie and will run off. Obviously it wont stand up to prolonged rain and couldn’t replace a proper coat but in a quick shower it really does serve a purpose and will keep you dry. With these features included, plus the fact that it isn’t bulky to wear, I have found this hoodie a great outer layer especially when going for a walk or run, whatever the weather.

One of my favourite parts of the hoodie is the design. There are lots of a colours to choose from, however, I picked the grey with white trim. This hoodie looks really stylish and being a neutral grey colour, this goes with almost anything in my wardrobe. Aside from the white trim, I love the simplistic design of this jacket which I feel would suit anyone, no matter what their style. Although wearing lighter colours outdoors can be a worry regarding marks and stains, especially when travelling and adventuring, the material is treated with stain repellent which helps to keep it looking good.

The jacket has two zipped hand pockets, which have proved very useful for storing a phone, an MP3 player and even keys (plus great for storing snacks when exercising). The pockets are a good size and add to the comfort and style too. I really like the full length zip, which goes right up to the chin. This has been extremely useful in windy, wet or cold conditions, helping to protect the neck area, keeping you warmer. The white-trimmed cuffs on the sleeves are elasticated too so also great for protection against the elements.

There is a good-sized, attached hood which matches the rest of the jacket with the same material and white trim. This hood works perfectly to keep the head warm, and with the zip pulled all the way up to the chin, the hood doesn’t blow back. To add to the design and comfort, the sleeves are articulated at the elbow. This is an ideal feature which helps to give more freedom of movement and is therefore perfect for activities such as climbing or scrambling.

Overall, I have been very impressed by the Columbia hoodie; I am definitely taking it with me on our next adventure as it looks stylish, feels fantastic to wear and offers some excellent features which most casual hoodies like this do not. Two thumbs up from me. The Columbia Women’s Altitude Aspect Hooded Fleece Jacket is available from Cotswold Outdoor in several colours including grey.


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