Icon Oria Bean Bag Armchair Review

I’m sitting here writing this on the incredibly comfortable Icon Oria Bean Bag Armchair which I’m going to write about and review… Now!

This is a bean bag, but not as you know them, it isn’t a large round ball that slumps down on the floor – this is a bean bag chair! What this means is that it’s got the same slouchy, comfy, moulding to your body feeling that you get with a traditional bean bags but in a tailored chair shape that really supports your back, arms, neck and head.

This more substantial design means that you can sit in the Icon Oria Beanbag arm chair for ages really comfortably. This makes it perfect for a movie marathon or long nights of games and conversations.

Something I really love about the Icon Oria Bean Bag Armchair is that it is made from a really strong and water-resistant fabric. This makes it great for indoor-outdoor living. It is just at home in your lounge, bedroom or conservatory as it is on your decking, balcony or patio!

Moving the Bean Bag Armchair around your home or from inside to outside is a piece of cake too as it has a handy handle! At the top of the back rest is a Icon branded faux leather handle. This makes the chunky piece of furniture very easy to manoeuvre to your favourite relaxing spot around your home.

This bean bag chair has been designed to be very tough and sturdy as well as stylish. They have used really high quality materials to create it and it has been built to last. The stitching is really nicely done and features a contrasting colour in a double line of stitch – this looks great as well as being really strong.

The Icon Oria Bean Bag Armchair is available in a range of colours to suit your style and home colour scheme. I personally love it in this teal colour but you could have it in grey, sage, navy, terracotta or mustard.

I like how it is really functional and can be used outside as it has a water resistant and strong fabric. Even more though, it’s insanely comfortable; the bean bag moulds perfectly to your body and the back and arm rests support you excellently. If you desire a calming, stylish and comfy piece of furniture then this would be a great addition to your home.

If you’d like to see more footage of the bean bag chair in action then just check out this video:


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